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Tonight's Games

  • Interference @ Creasers, 9 PM Predict

Playoffs are starting!


BSK vs Bulldozers:
Game 1 Scheduled for Mon Aug 17 - 11:00PM
Game 2 Scheduled for Wed Aug 19 - 11:00PM
Game 3 Scheduled for Mon Aug 24 - 11:00PM
Game 4 Scheduled for Wed Aug 26 - 11:00PM

VP vs =)
Game 1 Scheduled for Wed Aug 19 - 10:00PM
Game 2 Scheduled for Thu Aug 20 - 10:00PM
Game 3 Scheduled for Sun Aug 23 - 10:00PM
Game 4 Scheduled for Thu Aug 27 - 10:00PM

Alastria Cup

Game 1 Scheduled for Tue Aug 18 - 9:00PM
Game 2 Scheduled for Tue Aug 25 - 10:00PM
Game 3 Scheduled for Wed Aug 26 - 10:00PM
Game 4 Scheduled for Mon Aug 31 - 9:00PM

Game 1 Scheduled for Sun Aug 16 - 10:00PM
Game 2 Scheduled for Mon Aug 17 - 10:00PM
Game 3 Scheduled for Sun Aug 23 - 9:00PM
Game 4 Scheduled for Mon Aug 24 - 9:00PM
Game 5 Scheduled for Sun Aug 30 - 9:00PM
Steve Cheese - Thu, Aug 13, 2015 - 20:18:47

VP moves to the finals

1st 2nd 3rd Final
=) 0 1 2 3
Vegan Police 1 1 3 5
Total game time: 36:00

After their game 1 loss, Vegan Police has now won three straight games to move on to the blackie cup finals. Once again, it was j-walking who made sure his team would not lose. As in the previous game he had a point and active part in each of his team's goals. He dominated this series and game, and is one of the main reasons his team is in the finals. J-W is in great position to be playoff MVP.

After falling into a 2 goal deficit, Smile actually surprised some people by socring a goal near the end of the 2nd period and evem tying the game in the 3rd. Unfortunately for their season VP scored only 8 seconds later to regain the lead. Another J-walking goal would be the game winner, but at the time put VP up by 2 late in the game. Steve cheese made the game interesting again by trying to slap shot the ball down ice from right in front of his crease. It was immediately intercepted and shot for a quick goal to bring Smile within 1 again. Perhaps the cruel twitch comments about his username got to him. VP was able to survive the blunder in the end to win the series in 4 games. Congrats to them and congrats to Smile on a good season.

1st star: J-Walking (4 goals, 1 assist)
2nd star: Thrill (1 goal, 2 assists, shut down Smile throughout the mid)
3rd star: Sex (no one stood out, so i went by rating)
Rusty Spork: Steve Cheese (most trolled by twitch viewers)

2 Games. 2 Mercies. ITF up 2-0

1st 2nd Final
Creasers 0 0 0
Interference 8 2 10
Total game time: 18:13

Interference all claims to have real life activities they need to attend to and wastes no time putting Creasers to bed with a 10-0 mercy.

SH stays alive

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Empire 0 1 3 4
Short-Handed 3 1 1 5
Total game time: 36:00

It looks like SH wants to win this series! At the start of the game, SH had players showing in the double digits while Empire only had 5. Empire did end up showing a 6th for even strength play about 1.5 minutes into the game. SH captain, Kor, made an appearance after missing the first two games of the series. It was an important factor SH as he opened the scoring shortly after apple chips showed to make the game even strength. Later in the period big eater mysteriously proxed a ball that should have been tiles away from him while swooping downward through the crease. After a little debate over whether a bdc should be called, big eater was assessed only a two minute minor which SH was able to kill off. Another DC was called this period as well, this one going against Empire's Pity. who played hot potato with the offense while backing into the crease. Empire, however, was not able to kill their penalty off. Kor tallied his second goal of the game immediately after the ensuing faceoff. SH ended the period with a 3-0 advantage. Almalexia had the other SH goal after being added part way into the period, and promptly disappeared from the arena going out on a high note a la George Constanza.

Alma would return though. At the beginning of the 2nd period, she assisted Kor for his hattrick goal that put SH up 4-0! Empire was on their heels, and was clearly not going to compete in this game. It should also be noted that Empire, after going down 0-3 in the 1st, switched their goalie and defender (dw0 and apple chips) to hopefully stop the bleeding. It turns out that Empire didn't get the memo that the game was over. J.jagr and DOATIEBSGIJRDOWMOI (Antsy here after) went on a tandem rampage after the midway point in the game. J.jagr netted his first goal with Antsy assist to bring Empire within 3 (4-1) before the 2nd period ended. They would also get the next two goal of the game in the same fashion to put the pressure back on SH. With the game now 4-3, J.jagr and Lawn Dwarf declared that we could have a game now. Empire was close, but the time was waning. With under two minutes left, Empire still hadn't found that crucial 4th goal. That was until Pity. accepted a pass from Antsy and got the ball past m1ch to tie the game with only 1 minute and 14 seconds left in the game! SH did not want to see this go to overtime. They took a page from their 1st period book, and decided to score off the following faceoff. This time Kor did not score himself, but made a cross defense pass south to Raket who angled a shot top net splitting two defenders and just out of the reach of the goalie to give SH the game winning goal. For the final minute SH played a bit of keepaway to finish the game while the opposing goalie repeatedly called them scumbags for doing so. Keeping the ball away from Jagr and Antsy was the right move though and even with the taunting, they held on for the win.

In multiple games now SH's m1ch has proven to excel at goalie for the first two periods. The third period has so far proven to be dangerous though. This is probably due to a lapses in goalie and SH defense as the game progresses. If they want this series to see a game 5, they'll have to take measures to correct that for the next game.

1st star: Kor (3 goals, 2 assists [a point in every SH goal])
2nd star: J.jagr (3 goals, 1 assist [a point in every EMP goal])
3rd star: Raket (1 goal, not much impact for most of the game, but got the most important goal with a great shot and even better timing)
Rusty Spork: N/A

VP controls the series

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Vegan Police 4 1 2 7
=) 1 1 1 3
Total game time: 36:00

After VP tied up the series in game, they kept that momentum going into game 3. J-Walking continued his dominance by scoring the game's first goal under two minutes into the game. Shortly afterward, chrono evened the score for Smile by speeding past the defense and deke-ing the goalie to land a shot top post. Once again, VP would not let the tie game last for long as kai regained the lead only 30 seconds later. Vegan Police continued to dominate the first period. They continued to force a puck possession game which they executed more effectively than Smile. Their defense was strong, limited Smile's break out plays, and forced them to stumble in their half-ice play execution. The period ended with the shots 11-4 in favor of VP. The period would also end with a 4-1 VP lead on the scoreboard. That 4th goal, netted by J-Walking, would end up being the game winner. Also, the 3rd VP goal came from jugg who was able to hit a puker shot top net past a sleeping Iggy....

Smile came back stronger in the 2nd period where chrono got his second goal. Eventually, J-Walking completed his hattrick to ensure that his team would go into the final period with a comfortable lead. In the 3rd, Smile made a goalie change by switching Sex and Iggy. It seemed like a good decision since Sex (the star of game 1) was unable to move up at all from defense to lend his offense the tank support. However, VP was still able to dominate the period getting two goals from kozzy in a warbird to give VP a 7-2 lead. Smile would eventually get another shot past yoinkie in the final minutes as chrono got his hattrick. The game ended with the shot differential 32-15 in favor of VP. This is something that will likely need to change if Smile hopes to make this a 5 game series. For now, it looks like VP has control of the series and the momentum in their favor.

1st star: J-Walking (3 goals, 4 assists [that's a point for every VP goal])
2nd star: kai- (1 goal, 3 assists [all point in the 1st period where the game was decided])
3rd star: chrono (3 goals) or Thrill (VP's possession dominance was facilitated here [152 puck carries]) you decide
Rusty Spork: Iggy (that goal from jugg...)

BULL @ BSK postponed

Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back postpones the match against Baby Seal Killers on Mon Aug 24 2015 11:00 PM. BULL has 1 postponement left.
Leafy - Sat, Aug 22, 2015 - 0:08:26

Tied Series!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
=) 1 1 0 2
Vegan Police 0 1 3 4
Total game time: 36:00

This is a place holder for a game report that should come ... someday. I'm too busy today and possibly tomorrow. Sorry.

Lawn Dwarf show foiled by mel.

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back 2 1 0 3
Baby Seal Killers 1 2 3 6
Total game time: 36:00

Game 2 of the semi-finals started off with Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back coming out very strong with the first score of the game coming 4:53 seconds into the period by Lawn Dwarf assisted by David Seaman #1 and Leafy. Bull kept the pressure on Baby Seal Killers and Lawn Dwarf put another goal in assisted by Leafy and Rage 4 minutes later. Bull had a commanding 2-0 lead in the first period when in the final seconds of the first period mel. got BSK on the board with a relatively solo effort.

Within the first couple minutes of the second period Zeppelin- tossed one into the net bringing the game to a tie. The conversation between the 2 teams while the game was going on was legendary with lots of support for each other teams into the amazing performance of their counterparts on the ice. Rage got into the action giving Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back the lead back for most of the second period. In the final moments of the second period once again Baby Seal Killers brought the game to even with a goal scored by Zeppelin- assisted by d money and Luis Mendoza.

The final period turned into the mel. and Zeppelin- show both completing hat tricks and giving Baby Seal Killers the 6-3 victory and a commanding 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series.

1st Star: mel.
2nd Star: Zeppelin-
3rd Star: Lawn Dwarf
Most honorable mention: Rage's comments during game play with regard to mel. and Zeppelin-'s stellar goals

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Vegan Police 0 2 0 2
=) 0 0 3 3
Total game time: 36:00

Following the post season trend, this game and series got off to a slow offensive start. The first period passed without either team netting a goal. Smile did have some close scoring chances; one chance in particular chrono drove past most of the VP defense utilizing his warbird's speed, and sped upward to angle a cross goal shot to bounce off the top post.

In the second period it looked like VP was going to make Smile pay for those missed opportunities. They dominated the period scoring both goals to take a 2-0 lead into the final intermission. J-walking was the star scoring the first goal and assisting on the second. He would see another chance shortly into the 3rd period as well. This time he wound up with the ball with the opposing goalie surprisingly well out of position. His decision to pass came immediately after he received the ball which allowed the misplaced goalie to easily intercept it; whereas, a quick shot south most likely would have ended up with an easy goal and a dominating 3-0 VP lead. It got a few chuckles, but that same quick decision making also led to VPs first two goals and is seemingly worth an occasional missed opportunity.

The rest of the game was the Doobie and Sex show. Doobie found the back of the net first to bring Smile within 1. A couple minutes later Sex tied the game, but both teams had 6 minutes of game time left to avoid overtime. In the final 30 seconds of that time, Smile dumped the ball into the offensive zone and found it near the top of the net. With about 8 seconds left in the game, Sex made a pass to Doobie just as Thrill checked him (close enough to seem tank worthy to part of the gj freq). Sex drove downward, and received a return pass from doobie catching it in the mid crease area with the goalie still guarding top net. With an immediate shot angled south, Smile scored the tie breaker just beating the goalie. The remaining 8 seconds was not enough to get VP another shot on goal, and Smile took the game and the series lead in dramatic fashion.

1st star: Sex (2 goals, gtg, gwg)
2nd star: Doobie (1 goal, 1 assist, +3 on the game)
3rd star: J-Walking (1 goal, 1 assist)
Rusty spork: N/A

Interference mercies Creasers in Game 1

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Interference 5 5 2 12
Creasers 0 2 0 2
Total game time: 26:57

Game Summary

1st period
2:52 Interference goal by Tjian Assists: Bopmem2
3:16 Interference goal by Tjian Assists: Troydan
7:05 Penalty on Commodo (Creasers). 2:00 for Goalie played call past blueline servingforStickman.
8:59 Interference goal by Troydan Assists: Bopmem2, image
8:59 Penalty over: Commodo
9:44 Interference goal by buck cat Assists: image
11:54 Interference goal by buck cat Assists: image, Troydan

2nd period
0:58 Interference goal by Troydan Assists: buck cat
2:51 Interference goal by Troydan Assists: Bopmem2
3:14 Interference goal by image Assists: Troydan, buck cat
5:45 Creasers goal by RaCka
9:28 Creasers goal by Zanaz Assists: puker, RaCka
11:02 Interference goal by Troydan Assists: Linix
11:10 Interference goal by buck cat Assists: image

3rd period
2:23 Interference goal by Troydan Assists: buck cat, Bopmem2
2:57 Interference goal by Troydan

The Blackie Cup Playoffs are Underway!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Baby Seal Killers 0 2 0 2
Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back 0 0 0 0
Total game time: 36:00

Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back faced Baby Seal Killers in what turned out to be a war of attrition. In a scoreless first period, BD goalie Dildo Fan Dan and BSK goalie Cereal n' Milk combined for six total saves. The defense by both teams stymied nearly every offensive attack thrown at them, a trend which would continue for much of the game.

Zeppelin-, not content with having another period of nothing happening, started the scoring midway into the second period and followed it with a second goal shortly after that. Content that he'd done his job, Zeppelin- then used lulls in the action to go on the Center Ice forum and edit in more reasons that Baby Seal Killers is the best RSHL franchise ever.

As it turns out those two goals would be enough. Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back would manage almost as many shots on goal in the third period as the past two combined, but none would get past Cereal n' Milk whom posted a 12-save shutout to give Baby Seal Killers a 2-0 win and a 1-0 series lead.

Game 2 will take place Wednesday, August 19th at 11pm EST.

Written by Antsy

Empire One Game Closer to advancing

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Empire 0 2 6 8
Short-Handed 0 1 3 4
Total game time: 36:00

Game 2 of our Ever Game Matters playoff season again started with as a primarily defensive battle. m1ch found his form again preventing Empire from finding the back of the net until the 2nd period even with his team playing a man down through the whole 1st period. The first goal of the game came from mystery man Raket on squad: CANAda. He hit a shot top net shortly after the 2nd period had begun. Things were looking good for SH as they now had the lead and a 6 man lineup.

The SH lead lasted well into the 2nd. Eventually Empire found their way through the m1ch wall with a goal from Banana and then quickly followed with a goal from J.Jagr to take the lead. By the time these goals came, m1ch had accumulated over 10 saves, many of them on legitimate scoring attempts that required goalie effort. After those two goals, both teams recomposed on defense for the remainder of the period.

The third period/end of game situations seem to either be Empire's best situations or SH's/m1ch's worst. It seemed to be a lot of both in this game. After an early penalty on Empire, SH quickly capitalized with a tying goal from Raket (26 seconds into the penalty). After trading goals again to tie it at 3, Empire took over. Antsy, 07, J.Jagr and Banana all scored goals. Banana floated a well placed, long-distance shot over the top of m1ch, Antsy scored one where he flew over m1ch's ship and past him, 07 (I believe it was this goal) was handed a pass directly in front of the net with he immediately released to the top post for a goal, J.Jagr did something that I don't remember at this point (sorry).

The game ended in a rout with Empire scoring 6 goals in the final 9 minutes of the game. Raket score all 4 of SH's goals. He seemed to have Bitemark's number, but one man was not enough for SH this time. In this best of 5 series, the next game is a must win for SH as Empire will look to close out the series in a sweep.

1st star: BananaSquadron69 (2 goals, 4 assists, levi)
2nd star: Raket (4 goals, kept his team in this game for a while)
3rd star: J.Jagr (2 goals, 5 assists, points on team's first 4 goals)
Rusty Spork: Raket (not showing up until the 2nd period)

Antsy also wrote a summary that can be viewed in HZ Talk.

Found in Ansty's couch

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Short-Handed 0 1 1 0 2
Empire 0 0 2 1 3
Total game time: 36:21

SH vs EMP (Aug.16th)

The RSHL postseason began with Short-Handed taking on Empire in the Alastria Cup playoffs in a best-of-5 series on a night where even keeping the retractable stadium roof closed couldn't keep out all of the lag.

Much of the game was a back-and-forth stalemate as Empire goalie apple chips only faces 9 shots in two periods and Short-Handed goalie m1ch saved 16 shots in the same stretch of time. Empire's defense was not infallible, though, as Pooter89 managed to sneak a shot past apple chips to give Short-Handed a 1-0 lead going into the third period.

Empire changed up their line, moving Bitemark to goalie and bringing on J. Jagr, previously thought to be sidelined indefinitely with a season-ending S2C infection. DOATIEBSGIJRDOWMOI would score Empire's first goal of the match only to have NCVinyl rocket a low-post shot into the net to give Short-Handed a 2-1 lead with under two minutes remaining.

With about one minute left a bizarre play happened where m1ch tried dumping the puck to the side of his net, only for it to bounce off the boards and come back toward him, at which point J. Jagr grabbed the puck, flew out of the crease and shot it top post for the 2-2 equalizer.

With no one able to score a go-ahead goal beyond that the game went to 6v6 overtime. It only took 21 seconds for Empire's DOATIEBSGIJRDOWMOI to score the game-winning goal off some quick passes by J. Jagr and BananaSquadron69.

Empire holds a 1-0 series lead going into Game 2 on Tuesday.

* The only thing I feel this game report is lacking is the mention of how well Mich played for SH for most of this game. He was constantly in position to completely deny any good shot attempts, and on the few decent attempts that Empire got, he quickly moved to make the save. It wasn't until the final minutes of the game (3rd period and OT) that he slipped. Unfortunately for mich, his teamates couldn't quit produce enough offense to earn him a W.

Roster Lock

Rosters will be in lockdown in preperation for the post season as of July 9th midnight ( or 00:01 July 10th ).

If you have to change teams for any reason, this is your last chance.

I am hoping captains ( should any STEAM PLAYERS want a squad ) will have time to recruit these new squadless people and get them into some of the squad based mentality of our zone. Should any team that can prove they are recruiting NEW SUBSPACE PLAYERS actually require more squad slots, this may be negotiable... so do contact me.

Best of luck to everyone for the playoffs.

Playoff System:

Teams in POSITION 1-4 will playoff for the classic RSHL BLACKIE CUP.

Teams in position 5-8 will will have a new chance to get their names on the map, in a more level playing fielded 2nd division. Teams in this cup will have the opertunity to play in a longer post season than they normally had in the past.

Position 9, I am afraid your season will be over...

Winner of Blackie, will play the winner of the 2nd division for bragging rights and possibly their team name on the map as the final match of the season.
Fur of Fur - Mon, Jun 29, 2015 - 21:40:35

'M twerking now

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 1 1 0 2
Empire 2 2 1 5
Total game time: 36:00

CR @ EMP postponed

Creasers postpones the match against Empire on Sun Aug 2 2015 9:00 PM. CR has 1 postponement left.
Zanaz - Wed, Jul 29, 2015 - 17:06:23

EMP @ SH postponed

Empire postpones the match against Short-Handed on Tue Jul 28 2015 9:00 PM. EMP has 0 postponements left.
dragonwing0 - Sun, Jul 26, 2015 - 23:15:34

Postponed Games Rescheduled

Creasers (3-10-1) @ Empire (7-6-0) -> Sun Aug 2 2015 9:00 PM
Interference (6-6-0) @ Vegan Police (11-3-0) -> Mon Aug 3 2015 10:00 PM
Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back (8-6-0) @ Interference (6-6-0) -> Tue Aug 4 2015 10:00 PM
Mazer (1-13-1) @ Baby Seal Killers (12-3-0) -> Thu Aug 6 2015 9:00 PM
Steve Cheese - Sat, Jul 25, 2015 - 12:13:08

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