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Remainder of RSHL regular season
I decided to schedule through the remainder of the season with hopes of giving everyone enough time to avoid postponements. However, should we have more postponements, we can reschedule them and still stay on track.

The Cereal Killers (14-0-0) @ Short-Handed (2-12-0) -> Sun Jul 6 2014 10:00 PM
Short-Handed (2-12-0) @ Creasers (3-11-0) -> Mon Jul 7 2014 10:00 PM
Kick You Apart (8-6-0) @ Troll Warlordz (6-8-0) -> Mon Jul 7 2014 11:00 PM
Revolution (8-6-0) @ Interference (9-5-0) -> Tue Jul 8 2014 10:00 PM
Empire (5-9-0) @ Dirtybirds (8-6-0) -> Thu Jul 10 2014 10:00 PM
Creasers (3-11-0) @ Admirals (6-6-0) -> Sat Jul 12 2014 5:00 PM
The Cereal Killers (14-0-0) @ Admirals (6-6-0) -> Sun Jul 13 2014 5:00 PM
Dirtybirds (8-6-0) @ Kick You Apart (8-6-0) -> Mon Jul 14 2014 11:00 PM
The Cereal Killers (14-0-0) @ Revolution (8-6-0) -> Wed Jul 16 2014 10:00 PM
Interference (9-5-0) @ Creasers (3-11-0) -> Thu Jul 17 2014 10:00 PM
Troll Warlordz (6-8-0) @ Admirals (6-6-0) -> Sat Jul 19 2014 5:00 PM
Admirals (6-6-0) @ Short-Handed (2-12-0) -> Sun Jul 20 2014 5:00 PM
The Cereal Killers (15-1-0) @ Admirals (7-7-0) -> Sun Jul 20 2014 6:00 PM *Updated*
Troll Warlordz (6-8-0) @ Short-Handed (2-12-0) -> Mon Jul 21 2014 11:00 PM
Interference (9-5-0) @ Dirtybirds (8-6-0) -> Tue Jul 22 2014 10:00 PM
Revolution (8-6-0) @ Creasers (3-11-0) -> Wed Jul 23 2014 10:00 PM
Empire (5-9-0) @ Admirals (6-6-0) -> Sun Jul 27 2014 5:00 PM
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Dirtybirds 4 5 0 9
Interference 1 3 1 5
Total game time: 36:00

Just found this in the game log:

P (Asshole)>Hey buddy I need you to be a patient I need more people to care give for go get your weed card thanks


On to the game. It started off as a tie 0-0. 1 buck cat lagged out or something, ITF does not want a timeout, and puker is on baby patrol. There is no Linix to be found and ITF finds themselves 5 versing 6 with Tjian in net. And then:

65% - Mace23 caught Navee shot in the crease.
Delayed penalty, right? Wrong. My goal judges told me there was nodc.

bm2 appearance!
Batman2> how do u follow puck again

Ok down a spaceship, but not in spirit, ITF strikes first!
Goal by Bla! The lead doesn't last long though. Two minutes later: DB goal and 30 seconds after that: DB goal. As I recall the second goal was a TrickMinus shot after he had just embarrassed somebody around mid ice with a turnover. It was all Trick, no assist. DB dominated the rest of the period, ending with 4 goals. After the third goal apparently Tjian had just realized he had registered a Lanc and not a Shark.

Tjian> can i switch to shark
BananaSqua> let him
Troydan> let him
Krub> didn't realize you were lanc tj

BananaSquidrin had two unassisted goals. DirtBaigrsd don't like to share.

The second period was full of a lot of taunting by Leafy and people chattering about Saving being benched. A lot of goals were scored. The most interesting part lasted about 5 seconds. ITF scored back to back goals to make the game 7-4 in favor of DB with 2 minutes and a whole 3rd period to make up the difference.

T Cubs+> think itf will make it interesting?
T Leafy> no
Goal by BananaSquadron!
T Cereal n' > itf is too used to relying on linix

ITF put up a decent fight though, they just let in 4 too many goals. Another note is that just before the 2nd period whistle, Navee netted a NATURAL HATTRICK. Congrats to her.

The third period was better fought. A full 6v6 with not as many lagouts. ITF managed to score the only goal that period.

1st star: BananaSquad (3g, 2a, +5)
2nd star: Stryke (2g, 2a - less than 2 periods pt)
3rd star: Trick- (1g, 1a, who knows how many goals Krub would allowed without him)

Rusty Spork: Saving (I think you know why)

SH holds off TWZ
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 2 2 4 8
Troll Warlordz 1 3 2 6
Total game time: 36:00

This game started off like most of the recent games. A player lagging out on each team but it would settle out and the game was played mostly full strength.

CMdros would step up for SH and strap on his ladyboy pads to tend the net. SH would start off the scoring in the first period by their top performers of the night. Pooter89 and Kor would each score within a minute of each other just a little more than half way through the period. I don't remember Kor's first goal but Pooter89's was high controversial as he was scootin' on his scooter and just overhand threw the puck into the net. Almost got flagged for his celebration as he was doing donut's infront of the TWZ bench. Not letting their team go into the locker room down 2-0, Doobie with the help of Leafy and Artofscore would tally their first goal with less than 30 seconds left in the frame.

Leafy playing in the weasel, as voted by his team, would start to heat up this period, really showing why DB has been begging him back all throughout this season. Leafy would score 2 goals within 8 seconds of each other to tie the game up. Pooter89 and the ladyboys would not like this very much as he would fire up the scooter once again and respond with a goal 30 seconds later to take the lead back. Leafy would then score off the faceoff to duel pooter89 but with the scooter firing on all cylinders, Pooter would tie the game back up under a minute later after that. The period would end tied 4-4. CMdros pads did malfunction during the period and Glyde stepped in to goaltend for a few minutes. But not getting into the rhythm of the game with the Leafy show going full throttle, CMdros laced back up this pads to get back in net. Also not to be missed, Verez, would get a big assist, maybe his first, maybe his last.

Third period would be when Kor would come back into the picture as he would complete his hatrick, which would be the 3rd one of the game in total. Kor would score shortly into the period but Leafy would come back and score his 4th goal to tie up at 5-5. This is about the time David would try to force him into the game and it didn't fare very well. SH was already knocking on the doorstep with some shots just missing, off the post, or Big defensive checks/position from ROTY contender, SMSF. It was only a matter of time SH would break down the door and David trying to shift out Beat for himself wasn't helping their own cause. SH would eventually get over the hump as Verez/SMSF/Beat combo was starting to crumble. Goals from Flew, Pooter(4th), and Kor(3rd) would commence in a flurry. The 3 goals under 30 seconds in the last half of the third would be too much to overcome for team hospital ball. Artofwar would score with 5 seconds left to keep some sort of streak alive that I was unaware of but that was about it. CMdros would get the win in net, saving 14 shots with 4 goals allowed.

It was a close game until the end, with both teams taking turns with long possessions in each others zone. Meretrix was in the levi attacking which led to some panic and destruction in the TWZ zone but Verez played well with the help from Big Beat and SMSF. Flew flew under the radar most of the night but he did end up with a goal and 4 assists for a 5 point night still.

First Star: Peter on a scooter - Pooter89
Second Star: Leafy 4g 2a
Third star: Kor 3g 2a.
Fourth stars: Cmdros and Verez
Fifth star: SMSF
Sixth star: everyone else

No star: David Seaman #1

TCK at REV rescheduled
The postponed game has been rescheduled for the following time

The Cereal Killers (16-1-0) @ Revolution (9-7-0) -> Mon Jul 28 2014 10:00 PM
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Admirals 1 1 4 6
The Cereal Killers 2 2 4 8
Total game time: 36:00

Game Summary
1st period
1:05 Admirals goal by Kid Cudi Assists: Duke Nukem
3:42 The Cereal Killers goal by NINE Assists: Gambler., Zeppelin-
8:13 The Cereal Killers goal by NINE Assists: Zeppelin-, AfrIcAn PaNdA
2nd period
0:25 The Cereal Killers goal by Zeppelin- Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA, NINE
0:44 Admirals goal by gilder Assists: Kid Cudi, Acido
9:06 The Cereal Killers goal by NINE Assists: Zeppelin-, Gambler.
3rd period
0:33 The Cereal Killers goal by Zeppelin- Assists: Cubs, NINE
1:51 The Cereal Killers goal by Zeppelin- Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA
2:07 The Cereal Killers goal by NINE Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA, Ephemeral
5:10 Admirals goal by mad jack the pirat Assists: Acido, Kid Cudi
7:27 Admirals goal by gilder Assists: Kid Cudi, Acido
8:16 The Cereal Killers goal by NINE Assists: Zeppelin-, AfrIcAn PaNdA
9:20 Admirals goal by A n g e l Assists: mad jack the pirat, Acido
9:45 Admirals goal by gilder Assists: Kid Cudi, Acido

Both teams showed 6.

Europeans like spiders and terriers. Zeppelin- does not like random damage.

NINE scored some slapshot goals.
Admirals win again
Short-Handed 0
Admirals 1
Total game time: 0:00

1st star: Apollo 11 LM Eagle
2nd star: Gotrek (first registered spaceship)
3rd star: My daughter (happy birthday!)
rusty spork: SH
Adm hold off shorthanded Trollz
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Admirals 2 3 3 8
Troll Warlordz 1 1 3 5
Total game time: 36:00

The Trollz played down a man all game and Leafy would occasionally have lag issues to sometimes be down even more.

Admirals took a 2-0 lead late in the 1st after goals from Soxx and Acido. Doobie would get the Trollz on the scoreboard to only be down by 1 goal.

Second period was all Admirals early after three quick goals. Doobie would score again for the Trollz late in the period.

David Seaman gave a good pep talk before the start of the 3rd period and it worked. artofscore, David himself, and Doobie got his hat trick to tie the game. Acido refusing to give up, put up a hat trick of his own to seal the game with about two minutes left. Kid Cudi and Acido again would score after the Trollz pulled the goalie to rub it in.

1st Star: Acido (4g)
2nd Star: Doobie (3g, 2a)
3rd Star: Kid Cudi (2g, 4a)
It happened!!!!
Creasers 0
Interference 1
Total game time: 0:00

Just kidding. It didn't. Quickest game report ever though!
1st star: puker (rapid fire trivia host)
2nd star: cubs (winner of trivia)
3rd star: herbalist (runner up)
Rusty Spork: ladyboys
TCK vs ADM moved
Here is the new time slot. This will be a double-header for the Admirals.

The Cereal Killers (15-1-0) @ Admirals (7-7-0) -> Sun Jul 20 2014 6:00 PM
KYA holds off late DB rally.
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Kick You Apart 4 2 2 8
Dirtybirds 0 2 5 7
Total game time: 36:00

The game started with lagged out players on each team as well as 2 server crashes. With some less strict lag limits set, LD was able to play and Krub was able to net with not worrying about lagging out, as he was in beforehand but with the threat of lagging out.

KYA got off to the quick start against the packet loss'd DB goaltender. The would dominate the period with I believe was 8 shots to DBs 0. Scoring on half those shots, the score was 4-0 after the first period. The Red Raven was getting antsy with no shots faced but they would eventually come to him.

Rage would try to play at the very end of the first, and start of second. Atleast for me, he was the only person showing actual lag/spikes and couldn't stay in the game long. Infi on the other side would seem to have the same problem though I personally didn't even see him on the ice, just noticing that DB would lose a player due to lagout. Anyways, DB would start this period out a little different with Trick- entering the game as a levi. I'm not certain, but think it had to do with Sting having some lag issues, and probably to help clear out in front of Krub's crease for extra protection for Krub's misleading Lag not having him see passes properly. Each side would score 2 goals a piece and enter the final period 6-2.

The third period would have DB coming out swinging with a quick goal in the first 20 seconds by Saving plowing through. After an answer from KYA with a goal from Thrill, DB would continue their assault. Bananasquadron and Stryke would tally a few goals, Hatty for Stryke, and a few assists. They got some from Pity playing WB as well, as he put one behind TRR. KYA tried to stay strong and snuck in one more goal by Vigilanty which would end up to be the game winner. DB would score 2 more goals for Stryke to finish his hattrick but they still ended up one goal short to tie.

Shoutouts to Big Wade for 2 goals. To Trick- for filling in where needed and making a difference. And to Cookiemonsterwolf who made a few key steals on the homerun passes late in the game to prevent Stryke breakaways.
TCK over SH
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 0 1 4 5
The Cereal Killers 1 5 8 14
Total game time: 36:00

Game started off with SH holding on strong and playing a tight knit game. TCK would have their 1-0 lead after the first.

TCK would put the pressure on with 5 goals to 1 in the second.

SH would show some heart in the third and finally get a few goals past Emphermal but unfortunately they couldn't then keep TCK out of the goal column at the same time.
tck @ ADM postponed
The match between Admirals and The Cereal Killers on Sun Jul 13 2014 5:00 PM is postponed.
Use you imagination
Admirals 1
Creasers 0
Total game time: 0:00

Whatever you just thought of was more exciting than this.
TWZ over KYA
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Troll Warlordz 0 3 3 6
Kick You Apart 2 3 0 5
Total game time: 36:00

This game was almost postponed due to lag and teams not having enough. Sadly it was played and it wasn't fun to ref, and wasn't too fun for the players. I'll just leave it at that.

Game Summary
1st period
0:56 Kick You Apart goal by Thrill Assists: gothenks, Scuzzy Sureshot
8:42 Kick You Apart goal by gothenks Assists: Scuzzy Sureshot
2nd period
4:11 Kick You Apart goal by Thrill Assists: Scuzzy Sureshot
4:20 Troll Warlordz goal by Doobie Assists: artofwar, Leafy
5:07 Troll Warlordz goal by Doobie Assists: artofwar
6:50 Kick You Apart goal by lilwade Assists: Thrill, gothenks
7:22 Penalty on Leafy (Troll Warlordz). 2:00 for goalie killed in cr.
7:32 Kick You Apart goal by lilwade Assists: VnV-Nation
7:32 Penalty over: Leafy
9:24 Troll Warlordz goal by Doobie Assists: artofwar, sm *SF*
3rd period
2:16 Troll Warlordz goal (player name unavailable) Assists: Doobie
9:42 Troll Warlordz goal by Leafy Assists: artofwar
10:52 Troll Warlordz goal by artofwar
11:58 Minor Penalty Shot for goalie shot will be taken by Thrill against Troll Warlordz.
tck @ RV postponed
The Cereal Killers postpones the match against Revolution on Wed Jul 16 2014 10:00 PM. tck has 0 postponements left.
This game was played ... almost wasn't
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Interference 1 0 2 3
Revolution 3 1 3 7
Total game time: 36:00

Creasers 0
Short-Handed 1
Total game time: 0:00

This was a close one.

9:58 - herbalist leaves
Please take down the SPLASH. It's confusing people.

Funk E, Vega, and Racka are present

meretrix> give them til 10:15 so I can go ponder the meaning of life

Cubs+> Vega, SH is allowing 5 extra minutes for Creasers to get a fourth player
Vega-> okay, timeout at 10:15 then
Cubs+> No, timeout at 10:14

10:15 - Game over

10:17 - Violence shows up, but now Racka is gone

10:17 - people play scrim in arena 1
Game report coming soon
1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Kick You Apart 2 2 2 1 7
Admirals 1 4 1 0 6
Total game time: 40:56
Basically this was a game of 6v5 and a lot of lag. Goals were scored, people complained. Typical RSHL season 21 match. Admirals played a good game and got stuck with a loss because they are too nice. I think that if the Admirals captains hadn't been accommodating for KYA and lag issues, that they would have blown them away. As it is KYA won the match in overtime. VNV-Nation put a goal in top shelf to tie the game with only 2 seconds left in regulation. Overtime had the teams play 5v5, and KYA took 5 minutes to score the winning goal.

Congratulations to KYA for breaking their losing streak.

1st star: Lag
2nd star: Complaining
3rd star: Acido for allowing timeout
'72 Dolphins rejoice
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Dirtybirds 3 5 2 10
The Cereal Killers 0 0 2 2
Total game time: 36:00

BananaSquadron started off this beatdown only a minute into the game and it only ramped up after he scored his second goal halfway through the period. Stryke was hoping with the large score an open netter would be forgotten, but nope.

Then this happened:

Dirtybirds goal by Stryke Assists: BananaSquadron, Krub
Dirtybirds goal by Stryke Assists: BananaSquadron
Dirtybirds goal by Navee Assists: BananaSquadron
Dirtybirds goal by BananaSquadron Assists: Navee
Dirtybirds goal by Stryke Assists: Infi, BananaSquadron

TCK would save a little face in the 3rd period to not be shutout but that's about it.

First Star: BananaSquadron (3g, 7a)
Second Star: Krub (18sv, 2ga)
Third Star: Stryke (6a)
Empire prevails in a close one
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Empire 1 1 3 5
Revolution 0 3 1 4
Total game time: 36:00

In the first period bluckablucker was the goal only goal scorer. Other interesting things about this period Ö oh yes, this marks the second game in a row where akd has registered a ship and the server has crashed in the first period. Coincidence???

Next period RV came out swinging and scored 3 goals in a row, 2 by radmaster and 1 from Choke Artist. With RV up 3-1, former RV player, IGGY, scored a goal for his new team, Empire, by coasting and faking top and dropping the puck south under Goldís prox. He wanted everyone to be aware of how awful RV is without him. This goal also accounted for 07ís only point of the game. He got the assist for this, but later in the game missed two good scoring opportunities. After IGGY made the score 3-2, chrono stopped Empire from tying the game with a non-goalie save in front of RVís goal. The rest of the second period was dominated by exceptional goalie play from both Rocket Dan and Gold.

The third period was the bluckablucka show. He got a natural hattrick starting with the tying goal and the go ahead goal to make it 4-3 Empire. Radmaster completed his hattrick to tie the game again, but bluckerís third goal this period would turn out to be the last giving Empire a 5-4 lead and the win. With 4.5 minutes left in the game blucka also caught radmaster in the crease and lobbed a pass (not a shot) up to him to make sure he got a penalty. This put RV in a tough position, a man and a goal down with time waning. They still pressed their offense and got some decent chances, but could not do enough to penetrate the Rocket.

Other notes: Tyrael- made an appearance. Zone-wide LtF alert level has gone up two levels. Apple Chips attended, but did not play, so I was not forced to have an anti-Empire bias.

1st star: bluckablucka (4 goals, forced a late DC)
2nd star: radmaster funk (3 goals)
3rd star: Iggy (1 goal, 3 assists)
Rusty Spork: akd for zone crash

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