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We're hoping to switch servers tonight, but due to billing delays you will still see the error about the zone not being on central billing. That message is inaccurate, and you can log in safely with your normal password.

For more details, see the forum post here.
Next Week of Preseason Games
Mazer (2-1-0) @ Revolution (3-1-0) -> Tue Mar 24 2015 9:00 PM
Mazer (2-1-0) @ Haterade (2-2-0) -> Tue Mar 24 2015 10:00 PM
Dirtybirds (0-2-2) @ Short-Handed (2-2-0) -> Wed Mar 25 2015 9:00 PM
Empire (0-3-1) @ Baby Seal Killers (3-1-0) -> Wed Mar 25 2015 10:00 PM
Creasers (2-2-1) @ Interference (2-2-0) -> Thu Mar 26 2015 9:00 PM

Double-Header Tuesday for Mazer to catch them up in games.
Troydan saves scrim!
1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Interference 1 3 1 1 6
Haterade 3 2 0 0 5
Total game time: 38:07

5 goals against - 62.1 rating; 6 goals against - 111.3 rating ... I suppose you get extra point for playing the game's most boring spaceships. Also it seemed to most people that lanc prox grew three sizes that day. It even carved the roast beast.

In this very game Haterade had a 5-1 lead. 2 goals each by akd and t$z (ex-itfer) gave Haterade a lead that put them in clear control of the game. Bopmem2 was even gifting assists for enemy goals right in front of the net. How could ITF recover?! With a buck cat and a Troydan it seems. They accounted for ITF's next 3 goals to close out the second period and make this a much different game for the final period. After Bopmem tied the game at 5, the score remained the same and postponed HZ scrim for overtime which some believed would kill scrim for the night. However, enter the Troydan once again. Two minutes into the OT, he received a pass from bopmem and threaded a goal past the lanc goalie hitting the very bottom of the net. Game over.
Anyway, I can't write two of these reports in one day. I'm very sorry, but I tried. I hope it's enough for you all.

1st star: Troydan (2 goals, 1 assist, game winning OT goal)
2nd star: buck cat (3 goals, 2 assists)
3rd star: akd (2 goals, 1 assist)
Rusty Spork: bopmem (wouldn't have needed OT without his silly giveaway)
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Creasers 2 0 2 4
Mazer 3 2 3 8
Total game time: 36:00

This match looked like it was going to be a grudge match before the players even took the space-ice. Mazer pilot Leafy seems to have a growing dislike of any player wearing a Creasers uniform. He began with verbal taunts that could have gotten ugly, but for some reason were met with very little resistance from any Creasers player. I didn't even see as much as a "noopi flamir" comment from captain Violence. This aingst was taken onto the pitch as well. Throughout the game rookie player, Leafy, racked up 92 checks. On the other end, warbirds Violence and Racka combined for 141 times getting checked.

There's not much more to say about this game. It was plagued by lag mostly with Creasers players who were already playing a man down. Mazer dominated the second period 2-0 while Creasers was having most of their trouble keeping their players in the game. Doobie, scoring both goals, apparently thrives under these conditions. In the third, the game finally saw some consistent 6v6 hockey after DK was added as a non-team sub. This turned out to be very helpful to Creasers (although not enough to make the game closer) as he put up 1 goal and 1 assist that period.

A note to all zone upper-staff that added themselves under a non-league alias this game: It messes up the stats sheet! If you would like to play league under a different alias, please use this preseason time to change your name on the roster. It sets a bad example to the rest of the league when you give yourself priviledges that are out of the reach of other players.... You are very close to being added to the list of players that will not score a clean goal this season.

Game notes: violence managed a 0.09 rpm. Both teams, though mocked beforehand about no-shows, again managed to get 6 players in the game at some point.

1st star: Leafy (2 goals, 2 assists, 92 checks)
2nd star: Beat- (goalie 2nd period - allowed MZ to pull ahead for good, 7 saves)
3rd star: Easton (2 goals, 1 assist)
Rusty Spork: Goldeye (reasons previously explained)
Bear Down!
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 2 1 1 4
Revolution 0 2 4 6
Total game time: 36:00

I have to be honest; I would rather be writing about Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Airplane, not Starship of course) right now. One pill made Cookiewolf larger, and one pill made Zyzz small, and the ones that Memorize was given don't do anything at all. Believe me, this game, for the first 11 minutes, needed some mushrooms, white rabbits, and great basketball players. It was hard to stay awake. When ... all the joy within you dies, don't you want someday to love? Don't you need somebody to love? Well, you better find yourself a Cookiewolf then. A big thanks to him for livening things up with 2 goals in the last minute of the 1st period for SH. On the other end, RV only managed one shot on goal the whole period. They seemed to wake up in the 2nd though getting goals from chrono and Gold. However, Gold also took a bad penalty toward the end of the period by shooting goalieship Zyzz in the crease after his team had been warned. Meretrix broke the tie game for SH by scoring a anti-SH (PP goal) as the penalty was ending.

In the third, Navigation master put his team up by two again, but it would be their last goal of the game. From here on it was all RV. Gold made up for his earlier mistake to get within 1. This was followed shortly by Fuxuova going crease to crease in a leviathan while running over and ballkilling the whole SH team at least 3x each. After the game was tied, kai- finished off the fatality with some quick head fakes leading to goals. For the rest of the game SH seemed flustered. It was either that or they practice on a goal that's 2-3x regulation size. It was unclear what SH members, such as, Kor were actually shooting at. Perhaps Iggy had gotten in their heads racking up 14 saves in the 3rd.

Special game notes: SH member, memorize, showed up to the game, but played 0 minutes. Flew took a penalty for shooting the goalie in the crease late in the game. This was the teams 3rd violation for this offense and 2nd penalty. Rookie 2pacZ came into this season looking for a team to goalie for and ended up on RV. His job looks to be in jeopardy for the regular season as Iggy continues to play well in net. Lag continues to be an issue this preseason. Even with the new server switch, this night extended the streak of games having multiple players lag out or be unable to play because of lag issues.

BEAR DOWN Short Handed! This will be a good regular season matchup for you.

1st star: Gold (2 goals, 3 assists, 1 penalty, 24 minutes game time)
2nd star: Iggy (17 saves, 2 goals against)
3rd star: Cookiewolf (2 goals, 1 assist)
Rusty Spork: With no clear dud in this game, the spork goes to SH management for giving all-star MeMoRiZe 0 minutes and Kor 36. (special note for someone: Isn't there a Chicago Bull that's getting 0 minutes at this time as well?)
Irish Seal Killers @ Clovers
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Creasers 2 2 3 7
Baby Seal Killers 2 4 2 8
Total game time: 36:00

St. Patrick's Day game! This one was back and forth between two undefeated preseason contenders. Creasers goaltender Ghyslain seemed shaky in the second period, shooting the puck into his own net and later committing a respawnkilling foul (penalty taking Zanaz off of the ice for 2 minutes.)

In the third period, BSK toyed with Creasers, pulling their goalie and subbing goalies mid-play several times. Their attempts to continue their trend of preseason overtime were foiled, though it was close, as Zanaz brought it within 1 with 7 seconds to go.
Preaseason Week 4
Baby Seal Killers (2-1-0) @ Creasers (2-0-1) -> Tue Mar 17 2015 9:00 PM
Dirtybirds (0-2-1) @ Empire (0-3-0) -> Tue Mar 17 2015 10:00 PM
Revolution (2-1-0) @ Short-Handed (2-1-0) -> Wed Mar 18 2015 10:00 PM
Mazer (1-1-0) @ Creasers (2-0-1) -> Thu Mar 19 2015 9:00 PM
Haterade (2-1-0) @ Interference (1-2-0) -> Thu Mar 19 2015 10:00 PM
The Curse of Arcadian Reffing Continues
Interference 0
Baby Seal Killers 1
Total game time: 0:00

After a valiant effort warming up in scrimmage Baby Seal Killers quickly had the privilege of returning to scrimmage to continue scrimmage domination with a not quite enough showing by Interference.
Dirtybirds plane crashes over Pacific Ocean
Mazer 1
Dirtybirds 0
Total game time: 0:00

Mazer showing almost their entire roster to play in this preseason matchup with Dirtybirds. Koore9 having drove to the match separately was unable to obtain a win.
the Empire toppled by a Revolution
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Revolution 4 0 4 8
Empire 1 2 1 4
Total game time: 36:00

Empire met its natural nemesis, Revolution. The only question left is whether to provide amnesty for or behead the old leaders.

Despite a 27-24 shots advantage, Empire only mustered up half the goals that RV scored. Apparently Janky- is the missing link for Empire. He allone banked a positive +/- in the 4 minutes of game time that his lag allowed him. Weakest link, and now scrim-streakless, apple chips ended the game with a -6. Ok, so weakest link is debatable since dw0 only managed 13 saves on 21 shots against. Conversely, doutiebsgijrdowmoi had a perfect save record with 3-0. Perhaps a goalie change is in order for Empire? On a note of improvement, dw0 did manage to keep multifire on throughout the game.

From the other team (RV), we saw a few good performances. Rookie 2pacZ during his time in goalie only allowed 2 goals against. This included shutting down J.Jagr on many 1 v goalie attempts. It's difficult to say how much of this was due to goal-tending and how much was due to jagr's old age. He's 43 years old now I believe. Fuxuova continued last game's (CR v HAT) display of the levi's offensive capabilities by scoring 2 goals.

For another night, lag was an issue. The game was held up many times due to people lagging in and out. I'm mostly writing this to preserve a log in case we need it for future assessment. Also, Empire wasn't completely terrible. Both Bitemark and SS played well for their team.

1st star: chrono (1 goal, 4 assists, 18 minutes game time, +6)
2nd star: Iggy (14 saves, 2 goals against, HRP)
3rd star: 2pacZ (9 saves, 2 goals against, and some defense)
Rusty Spork(s): multiple sporks this game once again > dw0 & J.Jagr
A Real Scandal
1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Creasers 0 3 2 1 6
Haterade 1 3 1 0 5
Total game time: 41:06

For video link:

We'll get to that later though ... well I'll paste this quote here since it came before the game started and is relevant later:

Cubs+> BG, don't start riots
PK Subban> dont listen to BG he's a troll

Haterade began this game with a gift for Creasers. Violence lobbed a pass/shot across the crease, but not even close to a scoring trajectory. sm*SF* decided to get an extra ST credited to him though.

T RKDN+> what a fucking idiot
RKDN+> sm was like a dog playing fetch.. get the puck yes get the puck

Haterade did manage to survive the penalty and the period with no goals against. After 1 taken back for lag, image gave Haterade a 1-0 lead with a clean goal.

The second period saw a lot of scoring from spaceships, such as, Demonic, JDMSpoon, akd, and Vega~. In this ref's opinion, Vega~'s were the biggest goals of the period coming shortly after Haterade's goals that previously had them up by 2 goals. Vega~ displayed the levi's offensive capabilities to keep his team within striking distance. Without this, Creasers may not have even had at a chance at their late game heroics.

The third period was overshadowed by overwhelming lag. After a goal (and hat trick) from JDMSpoon to put Haterade up by 2, most offense for the next 8 minutes was nullified by lagouts and lag passes. One mass lagout even booted the ref from the zone leaving RKDN to stoptimer all on his own! Amazing work Arc. Eventually, latecomer to the game, Zanaz:

Zanaz> havent played srs hz in a long time
Zanaz> so nervis

scored his first goal in the final ~2 minutes to bring CR within 1 and then assisted puker in tying the game 17 seconds later. Unfortunately, I forgot to restart my ?log after the mass lagout, so no more quotes from here on. I know you all wanted them. Anyway, we had OT!!! Hurray!
5 minutes into OT, Zanaz scored and won for CR. Pretty simple, THE END!

J/K. Well, that's what happened, but I shall elaborate.
Prior to the Zanaz game winning goal, as we had been seeing since the 3rd period and perhaps the whole game, the lag was still striking with great force. Haterade's goalie lagged out at this time and, always professional, Creasers held up at mid-ice until he could get back in goal. Apparently others were lagging out with subs jumping in around this same time. The game was 5v4 the whole time though, so it was unclear what, if anything, was happening. The goal judge freq was mostly quiet. The lag was high, but as a rule, the referee, Cubs, is reluctant to use ?stoptimer during a game. The league likes to promote a fluid, quick, uninterrupted version of the game in order to increase ad revenue and jersey sales. There had been so much lag already, that stoppage for each lagout would have kept the game rolling until ... this very moment perhaps. Moving on, by the time the situation was fully assessed, Haterade had 5 mans back on the space-ice and seemed stable. Creasers had reset the ball on their own side of the defense and reorganized for an attack. This is when Zanaz sniped from long-distance for the win.

This sent the Angries into a mini-rage (even image who was warned pre-game not to start any riots - this was a prophetic warning). It sucks losing a game that way and after the goal they may have felt they had been on their heels after the lag. Eventually though you gotta regroup and play.

akd> Play to the whistle.

By the time I heard any talk of stopping the timer, the game was over and Haterade had 5 men in for a while. The referee feels bad for the situation. However, despite many angry, and derogatory responses to the endgame reffing, it still remains unclear whether a ?stoptimer was necessary here. For those of you who would like to see something different happen during future occurences, the ref spoke post-game with upper staff and all agreed it would be reasonable (especially since there had been a real mass lagout earlier in the game) to include a GREEN TEXT update that play will not be stopped and to GAME ON. If you truly, deeply, madly feel that ?stoptimer was completely and utterly obvious, discuss with your caps and the LC.
For clarification on why I say this, let's consult the S20 rulebook:

"Mass Lagouts
If at least three players are specced due to lag, or if the server is experiencing an overwhelming surge of latency, this situation constitutes a mass lag-out and the game will be stopped immediately. Any goals or violations that occurred before the mass-lag out will remain intact. Goals or violations that happened after the mass-lagout will not count. Team captains and referees can then discuss to continue, postpone the game, or move to another server. The referee will make the final decision.
During play, if a player lags out, and a mass-lagout is not called, teams are responsible for what happens next."

1. BG had a point, that it doesn't say they have to lag out at the same exact time, but 3 is a lot of ppl.
2. It also gives the ref the ability to discount a goal if it happens during that mass lagout even if ?stoptimer isn't called. If Haterade hadn't gotten stable again, this would have happened.
3. That last sentence sums it up. I will repeat what arnk said:

Again, I could have discounted that goal, but Haterade was stable by that point and I didn't think a legit 5v5 goal should be taken away. I will, however, explain this in green text during game to help teams remember to play on in the future.

1st star: Vega~ (2 goals, 1 assist, 8 saves)
2nd star: Zanaz (2 goals [on 2 shots], 1 assist, game-winning goal, 17 minutes game time)
3rd star: JDMSpoon (3 goals, 2 assists)
Rusty Spork[S]: sm*SF (2 DCs), image & JDMSpoon (for raging overly much and trying to hurt feelings), Cubs+ (possibly missing a ?stoptimer and not updating arena on the situation)
Father and Son, but no ghosts
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 3 3 2 8
Mazer 2 2 1 5
Total game time: 36:00

Just minutes after a Kor tirade about how Mazer should be taken out of the league immediately to save us all the headache of a bad/no-showing team, this match begins 6v6. Fives minutes later, artofwar scored against Kor and his team easier than Lolita with Humbert. He netted the games first goal with a semi-fade between the defense and goalie. The shot was so good that it caused Kor to tear his miniscus in true Chicago fashion. The next year minutes were dominated by NavigationMaster. He scored two goals of his own after which meretrix got a goal at the top crossbar largely due to an assist from Navee. Eight second before the close of the 1st period, Doobie scored a goal clean to bring the game within one.

In the 2nd, Navi continued his onslaught by completing his hat-trick. It looked like is was going to be all Navee tonight until his dad woke up and started scoring as well. Memorize outshone his son in the scoring department 4-3. The second period ended 6-4, but wouldn't have been this close if not for a Zyzz lagout and a preseason Adventure in Care-a-Lot by goldeye.

Isn't she cute?

Toward the end of the 2nd period, memorize caught a ball clearly within the confines of the crease and was immediately sentenced. He and his side-kick wasted no time in mocking the referee claiming he made the wrong call. Memorize was killed outside of the crease, woke up inside the crease and caught the shot! Oh my gorsh! The phantom "killed-in" rule surfaces already. It's okay, they were notified that they were making fools of themselves and went back to hockey. In the 3rd, memo scored 2 goals and goldeye even got one. This is essentially what cost Zyzz the 1st star. Unacceptable.

1st star: Navee (3 goals, 2 assists)
2nd star: memorize (4 goals)
3rd star: Zyzz (27 saves, 112.8 rating in goalie, highest +/- in game)
Rusty Spork: goldeye (see game report)
Week 3 of Preseason Games
Mazer (0-0-0) @ Short-Handed (1-1-0) -> Mon Mar 9 2015 10:00 PM
Haterade (2-0-0) @ Creasers (1-0-1) -> Tue Mar 10 2015 10:00 PM
Empire (0-2-0) @ Revolution (1-1-0) -> Wed Mar 11 2015 9:00 PM
Dirtybirds (0-1-1) @ Mazer (0-0-0) -> Thu Mar 12 2015 9:00 PM
Baby Seal Killers (1-1-0) @ Interference (1-1-0) -> Thu Mar 12 2015 10:00 PM

2 games for MZ this week.
2 in 1
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Dirtybirds 2 1 0 3
Interference 2 3 3 8
Total game time: 36:00

ITF played most of this game a man down. This is in obvious preperation the multiple penalties they anticipate Bopmem will occur during the season. They should also bolster their Own Goal defense if that is the case. The 3rd period was a full 12 minutes of 6v6 hockey.

This also marks the first game where the Rusty Spork and 1st star will be given to the same player. For most of the game, the entirity of the offense was dominated by one player from each team: Bucky for ITF and Gothenks for DB. I saw many comments during the game about people feeling "sad" about DBs lineup, however, gothenks managed to tie the game up in the 1st period by getting 2 goals past Linix and completed a hattrick against him in the 2nd period. This game really came down to a defensive disparity. ITF's save/goals-against ratio was 23/3 while DB's was 10/8. It can't all be put on the goalies as buck cat managed to get a few of his goals off of 1v0's. DB also allowed aggregious cross crease passes for open shots at the goal. In the 3rd period Troydan received two passes that way from bucky; the first one ended with the CR goal and the second a CL.

1st star: buck cat (6 goals out of 8)
2nd star: gothenks (3 goals out of 3)
3rd star: Bla (4 assists)
Rusty Spork: buck cat (empty net goal - goalie was at blue line or something) & Linix (allowing gothenks to get a hattrick)

An additional report has been added to your game below.
BSK Ties the Game Miraculously
1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Haterade 2 3 3 1 9
Baby Seal Killers 4 1 3 0 8
Total game time: 46:06

I promised both teams this game would not go to overtime. I lied.

BSK made a miraculous comeback goal from a drop with < 10 seconds left. Once in a lifetime event.

Haterade recoved from the miracle and won.

High five.
CR avenges previous losses against Revolution
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Revolution 1 2 1 4
Creasers 4 1 1 6
Total game time: 36:00

Creasers played a large portion of the game with 5 players.

Revolution played a large portion of the game with some trench wars heroes.

Ghyslain was a late addition for CR and played SOLID in net.

Puker scored a lined goal before lagging out to put the nail in the coffin.

Look out for c00l_boy as a ROTY/MOP/MVP candidate.

Comprehensive report from Cubs:
I wanted to take a moment here to give Creasers v Revolution a bit more of a game report. I can't edit what's already been written though, so I have to do it here. This is in honor of Creasers showing to their first game in many moons.

The Creasers recruiting machine is ever rolling as they managed to add a dozen or so spaceships to their roster at game time. The stats don't show it, but Ghyslain (I think) played for them in goalie the whole game. According to stats, he racked up an amazing 0 saves and 0 goals against (Bopmem2 this could be a new strategy for you). New addition Easton also played a bit.

This game started off a bit rough on the referee end. A certain D$#@&e+ (name covered for anonimity) decided to cast his gj votes in scrim fashion with ?g __. Unfortunately his votes went against the rest of the gj freq every time this happened and needed to be corrected. An update to the stat sheet would show violence getting a hattrick this game as one of his clean goals was erased by an errant ?g lag vote. Congrats to captain vio on this.

Rookie cool_boy showed up for RV with two assists and a DC penalty which ended with no scoring and may have saved a goal. A goal directly after that penalty by RV was miscredited as a cl goal to jalrix which stayed on the stat sheet even though the goal was taken away with the penalty.

Creasers played a man down most of this game, yet still managed to dominate. This led to many CR players stating, "imagine if we had 6". I would like to counter with, "imagine if you just showed enough to play multiple games this season!" Toward the end of the game (after cocain scored a couple to make the game more competitive), chrono pulled DB within 1 goal adding some excitement to the finish. This excitement was quickly negated on the ensuing faceoff as puker pukered (tm) a shot past a sleeping Iggy to put CR back up by two.

CR, not having played as a unit for an extended period of time, looked surprisingly fluid and capable on offense. They certainly seemed to have Iggy's #.

1st star: Funk E (2 goals, 3 assists)
2nd star: violence (3 goals, 2 assists)
3rd star: cocain (2 goals, 1 assist)
Rusty Spork: 2pacZ (you would have had to watch this)
Special mention: c00l_b0y (2 assists in his first 16 minutes of rshl)
Short-Handed comes up short handed!
1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Short-Handed 1 2 4 0 7
Baby Seal Killers 0 5 2 1 8
Total game time: 36:30

1st period
5:11 Short-Handed goal by KoR Assists: Navee, memorize
2nd period
0:20 Baby Seal Killers goal by lysdexia Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA
3:40 Baby Seal Killers goal by Zeppelin- Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA, lysdexia
4:24 Short-Handed goal by Kula Shaker Assists: KoR, meretrix
4:51 Short-Handed goal by memorize Assists: Kula Shaker
5:45 Baby Seal Killers goal by Zeppelin- Assists: lysdexia
6:43 Baby Seal Killers goal by AfrIcAn PaNdA Assists: AFRI
8:43 Penalty on memorize (Short-Handed). 2:00 for 1st spawnkill.
9:27 Baby Seal Killers goal by lysdexia
9:27 Penalty over: memorize
3rd period
1:15 Short-Handed goal by KoR Assists: Kula Shaker, memorize
4:05 Baby Seal Killers goal by AfrIcAn PaNdA Assists: d money, Cubs
4:41 Baby Seal Killers goal by yoinkie Assists: AfrIcAn PaNdA, Zeppelin-
7:49 Short-Handed goal by Cookiewolf Assists: KoR, meretrix
8:17 Short-Handed goal by Cookiewolf Assists: memorize, KoR
11:55 Short-Handed goal by Cookiewolf Assists: memorize, KoR
4th period
0:30 Baby Seal Killers goal by AfrIcAn PaNdA Assists: d money, Zeppelin-

This game had some domineering calls by the refs this game. All in favor of axing the fat pink thing+? <(0.0<)

KoR sKoRed the first goal of the game. There was much debate between the 2 functionaries on that one.

Baby Seal Killers used the club on Short-Handed in the second period, but memorize was unaffected as he showed an exceptionally impressive display of bestial-like patience when he glided past everyone to the bottom corner of the goal, and then shot topside. The apogee of the game, however, was memorize’s ignominious murder of poor AFRI to the third degree! memorize’s temporary moment of triumph was truncated as he was escorted to the box of shame!

Short-Handed spiked Baby Seal Killers’ club soda in the third period, with Mr. Sugarkanine scoring an impressive 3 goals in a row(boat), gliding the game into overtime. It was quite an eyesome display.

Short-Handed’s comeback was ephemeral however, as PaNdA shot the puck right between the goalie’s short hands. It was a very melancholy time for Short-Handed.

Kirby’s Super Stars:
Blue Star: ex-veggie monster
Green Star: Stairway to Heaven
Red Star: kungFU PaNdA
Come for the laughs, stay for the SCRIM
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Haterade 4 6 3 13
Empire 1 2 6 9
Total game time: 36:00

Game highlights: There was pub running before the game and scrim running for quite some time afterward!

Even if you aren't interested in these preseason games, they are definitely worth the cost of admission if you love spaceship hockey. The pregame festivities allow fans to participate in actually hockey games in the public arena!!! What about post-game you ask? Drunken scrim for all! Anyone who wanted to play got a chance.

As for the game itself, come watch the antics of the dw0's and akd's of the zone. Dw0 apparently forgot that he wasN'T playing mid defense this game and frequently got caught at the blue line as goalieship for an easy enemy goal. Statpad empty goal scorers (that I can remember) are as follows:

Image (bluegoku)
Arty Party (Astros)
JDMSpoon (jdmspoon)

Feel free to call these people out when you next see them. Artos went as far as to score on a goalieless Empire after his own team had pulled back on open nets after a goalie lagout. Janky, was flying in from the sideline to take up the position. Racing in, he used all of his energy just to get there, and just to have Artos lob the ball over his ship which had no energy left to even attempt a save. It's even been rumored that this happened during a point in the game where Haterade had decided the next goal should be scored by sm*SF*. Artos has been known to steal these kind of goals.

Akd had a hat trick this game, 2 clean goals and 1 own goal. Boogieman was stunned.

Underpowered lanc or Boogieman?
Haterade's defense held strong against the Empire attack in the first 2 periods, holding them to 3 goals. In the 3rd, Empire started moving the ball well and Haterade relaxed just a bit on defense. A Boogieman that had previously looked strong immediately became a seive, and even had a worse Save/GoalAgainst ratio for the period than dw0 had for the whole game.

Hattricks this game (without empty net goals) go to:

1st star: t$z (2 goals, 6 assists)
2nd star: SuperSaiyan (4 goals)
3rd star: akd
Rusty Spork: Artos (goalie lagout goal)
Next Week of Preseason Games
Empire (0-1-0) @ Haterade (1-0-0) -> Tue Mar 3 2015 10:00 PM
Baby Seal Killers (0-1-0) @ Short-Handed (1-0-0) -> Wed Mar 4 2015 10:00 PM
Creasers (0-0-1) @ Revolution (1-0-0) -> Thu Mar 5 2015 9:00 PM
Interference (0-1-0) @ Dirtybirds (0-0-1) -> Thu Mar 5 2015 10:00 PM

Mazer left out of the action for lack of posted avails.
Defending chumps
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Revolution 5 3 3 11
Interference 1 1 3 5
Total game time: 36:00

In their first game back since winning the Blackie Cup, ITF showed just how much they might miss Linix this season if he doesn't show up soon. Revolution took advantage of NTS sm*sf early in the game, and never looked back.

The first goal was scored within the first 30 seconds of the game by kai-. Minutes later smsf lagged out of the game and ITF was left without a goalie. In non-mazer fashion, jalrix showed his morals and passed up an empty net goal. This was to be followed by an own goal by kai- in an attempt to stop play. However, the referee called the goal clean citing league rules, a call which was not welcomed by the rshl population. In an attempt to even the score, bopmem and fur of fur fought over who could get the next own goal, a battle which was surprisingly won by fur of fur. The rest was up to RV who very quickly netted 2 more clean goals (jalrix and kai-). To end the period, Flew put in his first goal of the season as well. 5-1 RV.

The 2nd period was also dominated by RV. ITF just couldn't find a way to get the ball past Iggy. When they did get shots, Iggy had position on them and/or the angles were rusty and pointed too much toward mid-net. The next goals were: cocain, cocain, flew. I thought it was the 6th goal, but apparently it was the 8th (for some reason my ?logbuffer didn't work) when cocain threaded a vertical pass between 2 ITF defender to Flew with a slapshot pass. It's the best pass for an assist that I've seen all season! Toward the end of the period, Troydan put ITF's first self-made goal on the scoresheet.
*Special note: somewhere in this period the ref missed a spawnkill by rookie 2pacZ on buck cat. He is deeply sorry for this overlook.

In the 3rd period Mace23 showed up allowing Tjian to take over in goal for smsf and add some threat to the offense. This period was more evenly matched, but also saw the game's first penalties. Fake rookie Fuxuova started the scoring for RV with his first goal. This was followed shortly by a fur of fur goal for ITF. Then the penalties came! An already warned Fuxuova in a complete disregard for the rules, shot Tjian in the crease for the first penalty. A few seconds later Bopmem2 jumped the faceoff which bucky then won, resulting in a penalty for itf. Neither penalty would be served for its duration as both teams were able to score within seconds. The game ended with some more scoring and an 11-5 total in favor of RV.

Game notes:
kai- lead all scorers with 4 goals +1 own goal.
Latecomer Mace23 was ITFs highest in RPM.
RV played 9 different roster-ed players - tied for most so far.
Despite an 11-5 score, both teams had the same number of shots on goal.

1st star: kai- (4 goals, 1 assist)
2nd star: IGGY (102.6 rating as goalie, 26 saves, would have been 1st star if not for the 3rd period)
3rd star: Flew (2 goals, 5 assists)
Rusty spork: Linix and the ITF offense

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