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Season Start + Bonus Thursday Games
While waiting on Jankys return, since not being able to connect to RSHL.ORG, I am hoping teams can show up tommorow for the final games of preseason:

Baby Seal Killers (6-1-0) @ Red Dragons (0-2-0) -> Thu Apr 23 2015 9:00 PM
Vegan Police (0-1-0) @ Short-Handed (6-2-0) -> Thu Apr 23 2015 10:00 PM

The 2 fixtures is so hopefully at least 2 teams will be online come 10PM. Sorry for the short notice.

Sunday's Opening Fixture will be:
Mazer @ Empire -> Sun Apr 26 2015 9:00 PM

As DB Folded, the headline fixture will be Reigning Champions vs 3rd place from last season.
=) @ Interference -> Sun Apr 26 2015 10:00 PM
Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back (0-0-0) @ Creasers (0-0-0) -> Tue Apr 28 2015 9:00 PM
Vegan Police (0-0-0) @ =) (0-0-0) -> Wed Apr 29 2015 10:00 PM
Baby Seal Killers (0-0-0) @ Short-Handed (0-0-0) -> Thu Apr 30 2015 10:00 PM
Creasers (0-0-0) @ Baby Seal Killers (0-0-0) -> Sun May 3 2015 9:00 PM
Vegan Police (0-0-0) @ Mazer (0-0-0) -> Sun May 3 2015 10:00 PM
Interference (0-0-0) @ Short-Handed (0-0-0) -> Tue May 5 2015 11:00 PM
Empire (0-0-0) @ Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back (0-0-0) -> Wed May 6 2015 9:00 PM
Bulldozer with Fire Out the Back (0-0-0) @ Short-Handed (0-0-0) -> Sun May 10 2015 9:00 PM
Thankyou to everyone for your commitment and patience in regards to RSHL season 22. For those who do not like to read long posts the vital information you need is here - The RSHL SEASON commences this SUNDAY ( APRIL 26th 2015 ). I believe that due to the way the league season works, these games may temporarily appear as pre-season games, when Janky can get RSHL to load and actually posts them.

I also have heard that a few more preseason games will be scheduled for this week, but that is between our dedicated scheduler and the captains. These games will provide some light entertainment while administrative work concludes this week.

Please check your availabilities are as you want them - The leagues core times are 9 and 10 pm, I have removed FRIDAYS, as we have not played on Fridays since forever ( if ever... ) and re-added 8pm as an option for those teams that may prefer earlier games. I EXPECT TEAMS TO HAVE A MINIMUM OF 3 PREFERABLY 4 DAYS with 9 and 10 slots selected... 8 and 11 are optional.

Captains, please keep an eye on the captains forum, if you do not have access inform me, their are pending issues and votes that may appear there.

Captains may also MESSAGE ME with 3 or 4 top preferential TIME SLOTS, i will tabulate this and pass it onto janky for consideration in relation to your teams HOME fixtures.

Make sure you are on the team you want to be on, swapping in the regular season risks gaining a suspension, you have had WEEKS to pick a team now, so I do hope your mind is made.

This zone, this league, has been a source of joy to all of us, due to many factors, from the personalities who troll the staff all the way too the volunteers that try to keep things running smoothly. The past 21 seasons have only been made possible by the banter, friendships and rivalries of everyone together in our community. This season our story continues, and you can be an active or a passive player, the choice is yours.

WE NEED MORE REFS, WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS. I could post an endless list of people who have burnt out in the last decade, many will probably ref one or two games if no other ref is online, but lack the true energy to make this season as exciting as the ones past.

Im sure many of you remember epic game reports, commentary and more.... help us bring the good times back, I eagerly await messages in game or in forum, and hope a new group of you will be joining the staff soon.

NOTE> CURRENT RETURNING REFS - go to ref forum... thanks.


Moving Server Updates
We're hoping to switch servers tonight, but due to billing delays you will still see the error about the zone not being on central billing. That message is inaccurate, and you can log in safely with your normal password.

For more details, see the forum post here.
SMILE @ ITF postponed
The match between Interference and =) on Sun Apr 26 2015 10:00 PM is postponed.
MZ @ EMP postponed
The match between Empire and Mazer on Sun Apr 26 2015 9:00 PM is postponed.
EMP @ CR postponed
The match between Creasers and Empire on Tue Apr 14 2015 10:00 PM is postponed.
SMILE @ ITF postponed
The match between Interference and =) on Sun Apr 26 2015 10:00 PM is postponed.
Mazer chalks up a W
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Interference 3 1 2 6
Mazer 7 3 3 13
Total game time: 36:00

As the teams entered the arena it was apparent that Baby Seal Killers was playing scrimmage. The game was 6 vs 5 for the majority of it and since RKDN+ was reffing and goal judging by himself he missed some calls, notably fur of fur being the goaltender ship and getting killed in the crease. If I find the time I will write up a real game report from the log buffer.
Status Update

RSHL / League Coordinator

Fur of fur, long time ref and moderator, is taking command as RSHL League Coordinator effective immediately. He will follow up with information on the official regular season start and other news.


In the last week or two we have been playing on the first test server ("Server2") but it's very clear this cannot function as a permanent host because of frequent mass lag problems for the whole zone. We tried another test server, aka Server3, but that was retired due to other nonideal conditions. We have a new server, Server4, that should have decent quality, similar to the ones we had before a year ago when the DDoS hit. Please refresh your zone list and all league games will commence on this server. With any luck this will be the last server we have to test and we will be able to permanently move here. Thank you for your patience.

If you cannot refresh zone list for some reason you can manually add port 7501

Next Week of Preseason Games
Mazer (4-3-0) @ Interference (4-3-0) -> Mon Apr 13 2015 10:00 PM
Empire (1-4-1) @ Creasers (2-4-1) -> Tue Apr 14 2015 10:00 PM
Vegan Police (0-0-0) @ Revolution (4-3-0) -> Thu Apr 16 2015 9:00 PM
Red Dragons (0-1-0) @ Short-Handed (5-2-0) -> Thu Apr 16 2015 10:00 PM

BSK survive comeback scare
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Revolution 0 1 2 3
Baby Seal Killers 1 3 0 4
Total game time: 36:00

This was very even from start to finish, with both teams dominating for periods of the game. BSK broke the deadlock late in the first period after Revolution had successfully penalty killed a soft 2 minute minor picked up by jalrix. The second period saw Jalrix and Sydor rally to tie things back up before BSK went on a short rampage led by zeppelin. The suspiciously yellow weasel notched up 3 goals in less than 3 minutes. Revolution did not give up and the 3rd period saw them mount a substantial comeback scoring 2 goals early in the period. But even with zeppelin boxed for illegal defensive activities, BSK managed to see the game out and hold onto their precious lead.

1st star: Joe~Sakic (3 assists, hrp, best defensive defensman)
2nd star: Zeppelin- (3 goals, 0 assists
3rd star: Cocain (1 goal, 1 assist, big impact for 2 periods)
This game was bad
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 3 3 6 12
Creasers 1 0 1 2
Total game time: 35:16

No report in hopes of no burnout

1st star: cookiewolf
2nd star: memorize
3rd star: Mobey (29 saves)
rusty spork: violence (ragequit after numerous posts about how easy it is to captain a team)
This game was bad
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Red Dragons 0 1 2 7
Interference 5 2 3 11
Total game time: 36:00

Taking a break from game reports, so that I won't be bored with them when the season starts.

1st star: image
2nd star: mace23
3rd star: artofwar
rusty spork: Leafy/Verez goalie combo
Another week of preseason games
Creasers (2-3-1) @ Short-Handed (4-2-0) -> Tue Apr 7 2015 9:00 PM
Interference (3-3-0) @ Red Dragons (0-0-0) -> Tue Apr 7 2015 10:00 PM
Baby Seal Killers (5-1-0) @ Revolution (4-2-0) -> Wed Apr 8 2015 10:00 PM
Mazer (4-2-0) @ Empire (0-4-1) -> Thu Apr 9 2015 10:00 PM
Puker falls asleep.
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Short-Handed 4 3 5 12
Interference 2 2 4 8
Total game time: 36:00

I took over this game in the second period to allow Puker to get some rest after a long night of reffing.

Short-Handed seemed to have the game in hand with a 6-2 lead and 3 minutes left on a major penalty against Tjian for BDC. Navee managed to score his 3rd goal of the period (AKA his 5th goal of the game, AKA his team's 7th goal) before Tjian got out of the box. Both teams continued to trade blows but Interference potted 2 to shrink the lead to 7-4.

At this point, I realized I had taken over a game in the second period, not the third, and sighed.

Shortly into the period, Kor scored the goal of the preseason dodging bullets from both a defender and goalie and slipping a nearly vertical shot in just before the post. Not long after, Bopmem2 tried to spark his team with an own goal (or maybe he just decided pressing Ctrl before getting his ship completely out of the goal was a good idea). It took less than a minute for him to cancel that out on the other end, shooting from outside of the crease this time no less! But Cookiewolf was quick to answer back with a goal not long after the ensuing faceoff.

Things got a little more (un)fortunate for Interference as Kula (I think) stopped a sure goal in the crease. A MAP would have been great news for ITF, trailing by 5 goals and all; but with 4 minutes left on the clock, all they got was a MAPS. After Zyzz finally understood he had to start inside the crease, Mace and Bucky raced in with the puck from the blueline a few tiles past the blueline. They tried to get fancy, and the puck found its way to Zyzz.

Following the penalty, SH scored two more to spread the lead to 7. ITF mounted an impressive comeback effort, scoring 3 goals in the second to last minute, but it was not enough to close the gap.
Meatloaf tonight!
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Revolution 5 2 3 10
Haterade 1 2 2 5
Total game time: 36:00

2 out of 3 aint bad!

Three is how many NTS spaceships Haterade had to add before getting their lineup stable. Of course this could have all been avoided if Haterade captains had listened to the ref's suggestion at the beginning of the game. In order to avoid complaints about AllStars being added as NTS, the ref suggested adding Gothenks (aliased as "dad" [terrible alias by the way] - I would use any alias for hz, but I won't use that) instead of J-Walking. Well, J-W was added and lasted about 8 minutes, when, like a bat out of hell he was gone, he was gone before the morning come.

Afterward Kor was added and was able to make it through the rest of the 1st period. During this time of instability, RV was able to score 5 goals to HAT's 1. It was senior lt. pickle and Flew who made the difference by scoring two a piece.
Trick- disappeared for Haterade to start the 2nd. This was the point where gothenks was finally added as an NTS. Haterade finally managed to level the game from here on out. Their main weakness was sm*sf lagging out numerous times and allowing 2v0's. The final score does not do justice to how well m1ch played in goalie this game. He was glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife. C'mon! [m1ch] Hold on tight! Given the amount of breaks he faced, this game could have easily been a mercy. For the most part he was in position and held his movement on the breaks to avoid shots against his momentum. From what I could tell, many of the goals that were scored were with defense in front of him where both he and the defense were caught way out of position to even attempt a save, so it's hard to know where to place that blame. The goals were even in the 2nd, 2-2. Haterade got production from akd (with a gothenks assist) and Kor while Revolution had goals from Sex (formerly Fukuova) and cocain.

Unfortunately I can't say much about the third period. I was having lag issues of my own and was having enough trouble keeping the game together and dropping the puck to make any observations. Whatever happened to Wednesday night [on a good server], when you pinged so sharp and your ploss felt right? It don't seem the same since the server 2 came into my life.... Check the game report for who scored goals. In the final 30 seconds, this season was granted its first MaPS (that I know of) by a BDC by kai-. The goalie was out, but he flew into the crease to catch the ball when another ship was already parked there waiting for it. Haterade kindly granted m1ch and sm*sf* the opportunity to take the shot. One of the two (smsf I believe) never touched the ball though. Sex came out and killed the other off the ball before he got the chance to pass it.

Meatloaf: Sex (1 goal, 3 assists, 12 saves, etc)
Eddie: jalrix (2 goals, 3 assists)
Tiny from Wayne's World: senior lt. pickle (2 goals)

Rusty Spork: The Boogieman (check the rosters)
Amazering Game
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Mazer 0 2 0 2
Baby Seal Killers 3 4 4 11
Total game time: 31:56

Game report being worked on collaboratively by Leafy & Goldeye - will edit game report once it is ready.

i love you
Next Week of Preseason Games
Baby Seal Killers (4-1-0) @ Mazer (4-1-0) -> Tue Mar 31 2015 10:00 PM
Interference (3-2-0) @ Short-Handed (3-2-0) -> Tue Mar 31 2015 11:00 PM
Haterade (2-3-0) @ Revolution (3-2-0) -> Wed Apr 1 2015 10:00 PM
Creasers (2-3-1) @ Empire (0-4-1) -> Thu Apr 2 2015 9:00 PM

No games for Red Dragons yet as they only have 5 players on roster.
Rshl game is Cancel - Violence wants more preseason
1st 2nd 3rd Final
Interference 1 3 5 9
Creasers 1 0 2 3
Total game time: 36:00

The main excitement for this game centered around the pre-game antics. Up to 10 minutes after the hour, people were still logging in as Carrots (carets if you ask boring bopmeme) and the only chats that were working were yellow, blue and green. Apparently Arcadian had been trying to get this fixed for a while, but he did not have access to the Arnk Beacon which was only turned on once bucky arrived. Due to excessive flaming and being a toddlir, Violence decided to make a scene about it and left just as Arnk corrected the problem, and suddenly RSHL IS CANCEL entird. He was promptly kicked for reason "Dick Name" after which DICK NAME appears in the arini. The ref had seen enough and, with Creasers only having 3 players, was about to call the game. WHEN SUDDENLY! (not a sentence...) While typing ?setscore, bff shows up to save the day after which DuckName left and violence mysteriously re-appeared. The game would commence.

Now fielding a full team, Creasers wasted little time in scoring with a shot from puker. The rest of the game was dominated by Interference as is evidenced in the final score. Troydan opened up the scoring for his team and had the game's winning goal. Creaser's only other offense came from puker again and later by Vega (both in the 3rd period).

1st star: Troydan (Hattrick, 2 assists, game winning goal)
2nd star: Bopmem2 (4 goals, 1 assist, 0 own goals)
3rd star: Linix (19 saves, 3 gaa)
Rusty Spork: violence
Next Week of Preseason Games
Mazer (2-1-0) @ Revolution (3-1-0) -> Tue Mar 24 2015 9:00 PM
Mazer (2-1-0) @ Haterade (2-2-0) -> Tue Mar 24 2015 10:00 PM
Dirtybirds (0-2-2) @ Short-Handed (2-2-0) -> Wed Mar 25 2015 9:00 PM
Empire (0-3-1) @ Baby Seal Killers (3-1-0) -> Wed Mar 25 2015 10:00 PM
Creasers (2-2-1) @ Interference (2-2-0) -> Thu Mar 26 2015 9:00 PM

Double-Header Tuesday for Mazer to catch them up in games.

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