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The Finals Schedule

5 game series
Viop's Playmakers
Salty Puckers

Game 1 Finished on Nov 20, 2016 SAP wins 5-2
Game 2 Finished on Nov 22, 2016 SAP wins 11-1
Game 3 Finished on Nov 27, 2016 VIO wins 8-5
Game 4 Finished on Nov 28, 2016 SAP wins 8-5
Game 5 Scheduled for Tue Nov 29 - 10:00PM

Updated 11/28
Steve Cheese - Tue, Nov 15, 2016 - 16:18:28

The Playoffs Begin

Round 1 - 2v3
3 game series
Viop's Playmakers
Yung Money

Game 1 Finished on Nov 6, 2016 YM wins 6-2
Game 2 Finished on Nov 8, 2016 VIO wins 6-4
Game 3 Finished on Nov 13, 2016 VIO wins 3-2
Viop's Playmakers won the series

Round 1 1v4
3 game series
Goat Milk
Salty Puckers

Game 1 Finished on Nov 7, 2016 SAP wins 2-1
Game 2 Finished on Nov 13, 2016 GOM wins 4-3
Game 3 Finished on Nov 14, 2016 SAP wins 4-2
Salty Puckers won the series

Updated 11/14
Steve Cheese - Tue, Nov 1, 2016 - 23:56:55

Great Goaltending on Both Sides...

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Goat Milk 0 1 0 1
Salty Puckers 0 0 2 2
Total game time: 36:00

Great goaltending on both sides of the ice, but there could only be one winner. Tonight Salty Puckers was able to take game 1 in a low-scoring game. The deciding goal was a bit of a cluster in front of the net that ended in buck cat popping the puck in the net (while Goat Milk was temporarily 1 man down).

A couple notes:
- The first period had a surprising number of unforced turnovers.
- Goat Milk was able to possess/cycle the puck effectively for a good portion of the game.
- Game 2 is Sunday at 11pm.

Salty Puckers advance!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Salty Puckers 1 1 3 5
Chicks With Sticks 0 0 2 2
Total game time: 36:00

The game started off relatively slow. Big Ku1a was starting in the goalie ship for CWS and the crowd did not have much hope for them. He would only surrender 1 goal towards the end of the period facing a total of 8 shots. The goal came from a botched play in front of the net as Jalrix slid by Ku1a inside the crease to find Phil Holes waiting to put it into the empty net outside the crease.

The second period started a little quicker, as Buck Cat would blatantly crease shot and almost be forced to get a Major Penalty as he was wasting all of our precious time. Luckily for him and SAP, he was not boxed and he would soon score right after the incident to make it a 2-0 lead. This period showed some great save by Ku1a including a 2v0 diving save to keep the score there to give his team a chance going into the third.

Two minutes into the third, we would finally get Bananasquadron69's impact on the scorecard as he scored to get his team back to within one. Buck Cat deciding that Offensive creasing wasn't enough for him, would decide to defensive crease now and end up in the box. However, SAP would be the ones on attack and come down on another 2v0. This time Ku1a would be a little far out of the net and Jalrix would put it home to make it 3-1. This was pretty much the nail in the coffin and SAP would win with the eventual score of 5-2. CWS, and Ku1a in particular, put up a great fight but will now be off to the golf course as their season is done.

As for SAP, I believe they play tonight first #1 Seed Goat Milkers. For most, this would seem like a bum deal, but SAP was 2-1 in the regular season vs GM. Good luck friends!

Blackie Cup Playoffs!

The regular season is complete.

The final standings are here:
1. Goat Milk
2. Viop's Playmakirs
3. Yung Money
4. Salty Puckers
5. Chicks with Sticks

Congratulations to Goat Milk for the best performance in the regular season.

Unfortunately, UNDERSTAND finished in last place and is eliminated. Thank you for a fun season!

We had an interesting tie breaker for 2nd through 4th place, all with 9-6 records, and a tie at Head to Head Win%. VIO had the superior goal differential against both teams, earning the second seed. YM won their head to head series against SP, securing 3rd.

VIO and YM will play a 3 games series too.
The 4th and 5th place teams, SP and CWS, will be playing a one game "play-in" game, and the winner will be playing a 3 game series against GM.

Stay tuned for the schedule soon, and good luck to all teams in the Quest for the Blackie Cup!
Goldeye - Tue, Nov 1, 2016 - 17:20:21

The Conclusion of the Regular Season

Viop's Playmakers (2-2-0) @ Salty Puckers (1-1-0) -> Sun Oct 9 2016 9:00 PMS
Chicks With Sticks (1-3-0) @ Viop's Playmakers (2-2-0) -> Tue Oct 11 2016 10:00 PM
Goat Milk (8-1-0) @ Yung Money (6-2-0) -> Wed Oct 12 2016 10:00 PM
Chicks With Sticks (2-7-0) @ UNDERSTAND (1-7-0) -> Thu Oct 13 2016 10:00 PM
Salty Puckers (4-3-0) @ Yung Money (6-2-0) -> Sun Oct 16 2016 9:00 PM
Viop's Playmakers (3-4-0) @ Goat Milk (8-1-0) -> Sun Oct 16 2016 10:00 PM
Salty Puckers (4-3-0) @ Goat Milk (8-1-0) -> Mon Oct 17 2016 10:00 PM
Yung Money (6-2-0) @ Viop's Playmakers (3-4-0) -> Tue Oct 18 2016 10:00 PM
UNDERSTAND (0-4-0) @ Salty Puckers (1-1-0) -> Tue Oct 18 2016 11:00 PM
Chicks With Sticks (2-7-0) @ Yung Money (6-2-0) -> Thu Oct 20 2016 10:00 PM
Yung Money (6-2-0) @ Salty Puckers (4-3-0) -> Sun Oct 23 2016 10:00 PM
UNDERSTAND (1-7-0) @ Viop's Playmakers (3-4-0) -> Mon Oct 24 2016 10:00 PM
Goat Milk (8-1-0) @ Salty Puckers (4-3-0) -> Mon Oct 24 2016 11:00 PM
Salty Puckers (4-3-0) @ Chicks With Sticks (2-7-0) -> Tue Oct 25 2016 10:00 PM
UNDERSTAND (1-7-0) @ Chicks With Sticks (2-7-0) -> Thu Oct 27 2016 10:00 PM

Salty Puckers (4-3-0) @ UNDERSTAND (1-7-0) -> Sun Oct 30 2016 11:00 PM
Viop's Playmakers (3-4-0) @ Yung Money (6-2-0) -> Mon Oct 31 2016 10:00 PM

(Updated 10/28)
Steve Cheese - Wed, Aug 17, 2016 - 19:12:43

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Salty Puckers 9 2 3 14
Total game time: 36:00

Game Summary
1st period
0:29 Salty Puckers goal by Mace23
2:04 Salty Puckers goal by Mace23 Assists: Phil Holes, cocain
2:04 Penalty on cocain (Salty Puckers). 2:00 for ALR First Spawn.
2:14 Salty Puckers goal by buck cat Assists: Mace23, Phil Holes
2:20 Salty Puckers goal by buck cat
3:24 UNDERSTAND goal by Slartibartfast Assists: Abvolt
3:24 Penalty over: cocain
5:59 Salty Puckers goal by Phil Holes Assists: Mace23, wiibimbo
6:16 UNDERSTAND goal by Abvolt Assists: SuperSaiyan
6:59 UNDERSTAND goal by Slartibartfast Assists: idkidc1233, Nax
8:06 Salty Puckers goal by wiibimbo Assists: buck cat, Phil Holes
8:33 Salty Puckers goal by cocain
10:09 Penalty on Slartibartfast (UNDERSTAND). 5:00 for First BDC.
10:09 Salty Puckers goal by cocain (off own-goal)
11:43 Salty Puckers goal by Phil Holes Assists: Mace23
2nd period
1:56 Salty Puckers goal by Sydor Assists: buck cat, jalrix
3:09 Penalty over: Slartibartfast
6:51 Salty Puckers goal by buck cat Assists: jalrix
10:59 UNDERSTAND goal by Abvolt
3rd period
0:16 UNDERSTAND goal by Abvolt Assists: SuperSaiyan, Slartibartfast
1:27 Salty Puckers goal by jalrix Assists: Mace23, wiibimbo
4:09 UNDERSTAND goal by Slartibartfast Assists: Abvolt, Nax
7:51 Salty Puckers goal by buck cat Assists: wiibimbo, jalrix
8:31 UNDERSTAND goal by Slartibartfast Assists: Abvolt, idkidc1233
10:26 UNDERSTAND goal by Slartibartfast Assists: SuperSaiyan, Nax
11:58 Salty Puckers goal by buck cat Assists: Mace23

Viop's Korner over Chicks with Hockey Sticks!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Viop's Playmakers 2 2 7 11
Chicks With Sticks 2 0 4 6
Total game time: 36:00

The highly anticipated debut of African Panda back with his bud, Zeppelin-, on Team Viop. I caught up with Mr. Zeppelin- himself before the game;

SuperDan> are you happy to have new shitheel african panda back on your side?

Zeppelin-> hahahah
Zeppelin-> always
Zeppelin-> but im not happy he has taken title of #1 hz heel away from me

This game would have some good back and forth action until things get out of hand later on in the game. This game had many penalties, and multiple penalty shots to end the game.

The first period would start off with some quick action but Funk E would be caught in the Crease defending for a penalty. CWS would put pressure on and eventually score right as Funk exited the box to put them up 1-0 with Pity busting through the defense and sniping a shot.

violence> how this streakink levi jus come from nowhere

The lead would only be held onto for a few minutes as newly acquired African Panda would find the back of the net to tie it up. He would later feed his bff Zeppelin- to put up his team 2-1. AP maybe getting too excited would be caught dabbing in his own goalies crease and be called for DC with a minute remaining the period. Old man Doobie, not a fan of this dabbing stuff, would score 17 seconds later to cash in on the PP and the period would end 2-2.

Second period would be a tad more one sided in favor of BSK. CWS only managed 6 shots this period while Zeppelin- tallied 6 just by himself. He and Vigilanty would both tally a goal this period to finish the period up 4-2 for Team Viop.

It was overheard on the benches that AP was thinking this 2nd period lineup was their teams new top line as things seemed to be rolling. Flew seemed to take offense to this as he laced up his skates extra tight and hopped over the boards to enter the game for the 3rd period while Zepp and AP took a breather.

This is where the game would take a strange turn. However, the start of the period would show CWS perseverance as Doobie would feed Zanaz the puck for a nice snipe and then Zanaz would repay Doobie with a feed for his own goal to tie the game up at 4-4, despite Ku1a receiving a spawn penalty in the middle of that.

The middle of the period during a 5 minute straight, Team Flew would go into wrecking ball mode and regain their lead and take control of the game. It seemed quicker, but over roughly a 5 minute spam, Flew would tally 5 points, 4 goals and an assist. CMDROS would also sneak through the defender and tally a goal for himself as well.

With under a minute left in the game, some chaos ensued with some penalty shots being handed out for both teams. First and Second spawn killing penalties were enforced and MiPs and MaPs were handed out. Zanaz would score twice for CWS and CMDROS would put another in as well. Big wade would end the scoring for the night with a goal at 11:40 to seal the deal for Team Viop, 11-6.

AfrIcAn PaNdA> i think viop likes me noww
AfrIcAn PaNdA> oh zep left

Busy week for Viop's Playmakirs

There's been a trade, and a waiver pickup.
Viop's Playmakirs receives: African Panda
Yung Money receives: Bopmem2, King-

And, via waivers, Viop's Playmakirs adds: V-Flex
Goldeye - Sun, Oct 9, 2016 - 5:04:40

Season 24 - Sign up info

RSHL Season 24 signups are still open.This season was done by draft, so you can still join on waivers. It takes 1-2 weeks to get assigned.
Sign up by via the 'Draft Signup' link on the left.
Goldeye - Sat, Sep 24, 2016 - 1:40:53

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