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Getting Started With HZ

Thanks for your interest in Hockey Zone!

Getting started requires just a couple, easy steps. You'll be playing spaceship hockey in no time!
You can skip many of these steps if you came here via STEAM!

  1. Download and Install Continuum (Click me!)
  2. Create Player Name
  3. Choose a zone
  4. Play!

Downloading and installing is as simple as that: just download and install!

Next step is to set up a player name. Click on 'Profile'.

'Profile Name' is just what that particular name is labelled on your machine.

'Player Name' is the name other users will see ingame.'Password' should be self explanatory.

The rest of the information under 'Profile' are just user-specific settings that you might want to play around with. Test out some resolutions, see what works best for you!

If you try to login with a user name that is already taken, you will receive a dialogue box that looks like this:

All this means is that, unfortunately, the user name you are trying to login with has already been claimed. You simply need to go back to 'Profile' and change your 'Player Name' to one that is not in use.

The final step is pick your zone! Simply click on 'SSCE Hockey/Football Zone' and then hit 'Play'.

You'll then connect to the zone, and your client will begin downloading necessary zone files (zone-specific sounds, graphics, settings)

Notice for 2015: SSCE Hockey/Football Zone is currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, you will get a warning when you try to connect to the zone saying it is not connected to the central user database. You can safely ignore this warning (we are in fact connected.)


In Continuum, you can execute commands by placing a ? in front of it. Here is a list of some helpful commands:

?arena - lists all arenas
?go - goes too that arena
Also accessible through escape A

?sound 1-10 - set sound volume
?music 1-10 - set music volume

?lag - check your lag
?ping - check your ping

?usage - check your usage! how addicted have you become?

?listmod - lists staff who are online.

Scrim Game Related

Once you have played some public, you will probably be ready to try captaining a team in "scrimages"

?next - get on the queue
use ?next pub to get on the public queue
use ?next scrim to get on the captains queue for scrim
?claim type this when the bot prompts you to do so!
?queue - see where on the queue you are
?add - add a person (you can pm ?add to a player)
?remove - remove a person (you can pm ?remove to a player)
?dc / bdc / nodc - vote on a dc penalty - know the rules first!
?g cl/gk/lag/cr - vote on a goal - know the rules first!

If you ever need any help, please ask a mod for help! Mods are there to help the players. You can tell who is a mod by looking at their name; mods have a + at end of their name. You can also find a list of online staff by typing ?listmod ingame!

Selecting Ships

Once you're ready to start playing, press Esc and a number. The number you press correlates to the ship.

  • Ship 1 - Warbird - "Scorebird," The quick and agile forward
  • Ship 2 - Javelin - Toughness, can take a couple hits before dying, good starter ship
  • Ship 3 - Spider - The playmaker, very slippery, long puck time, great starter ship
  • Ship 4 - Leviathan - The big heavy defender, checks are powerful, ship is slow
  • Ship 5 - Terrier - All-around player, great in many applications, great starter ship
  • Ship 6 - Weasel - Sniper, finesse shooting, very quick shot, weak checks
Ships 7 and 8 are both goalies:

  • Ship 7 - Lancaster - Large prox radius, very slow movement speed. The proactive goalie.
  • Ship 8 - Shark - Smaller prox, but much quicker movement speed. The reactive goalie.
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