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Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) @ Yung Money (7-2-0) -> Wed Mar 22 2017 10:00 PM
Haterade (7-2-0) @ Blades (0-8-0) -> Thu Mar 23 2017 10:00 PM
Salty Puckers (1-8-0) @ Greasers (2-6-1) -> Sun Mar 26 2017 9:00 PM
Yung Money (7-2-0) @ BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) -> Sun Mar 26 2017 10:00 PM
Salty Puckers (1-8-0) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Mon Mar 27 2017 10:00 PM
Mazer (5-4-0) @ BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) -> Mon Mar 27 2017 11:00 PM
Salty Puckers (1-8-0) @ Mazer (5-4-0) -> Tue Mar 28 2017 10:00 PM
Greasers (2-6-1) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Wed Mar 29 2017 10:00 PM
Haterade (7-2-0) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Thu Mar 30 2017 10:00 PM
Haterade (7-2-0) @ Greasers (2-6-1) -> Sun Apr 2 2017 9:00 PM
BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) @ Blades (0-8-0) -> Sun Apr 2 2017 10:00 PM
Blades (0-8-0) @ Mazer (5-4-0) -> Mon Apr 3 2017 10:00 PM
Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) @ BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) -> Mon Apr 3 2017 11:00 PM
Mazer (5-4-0) @ Yung Money (7-2-0) -> Tue Apr 4 2017 10:00 PM
BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Tue Apr 4 2017 11:00 PM
Greasers (2-6-1) @ Blades (0-8-0) -> Thu Apr 5 2017 10:00 PM*reschedule*
Mazer (5-4-0) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Wed Apr 5 2017 11:00 PM
Mazer (5-4-0) @ Haterade (7-2-0) -> Thu Apr 6 2017 10:00 PM
Greasers (2-6-1) @ Salty Puckers (1-8-0) -> Sun Apr 9 2017 9:00 PM
BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) @ Haterade (7-2-0) -> Sun Apr 9 2017 11:00 PM
Blades (0-8-0) @ Salty Puckers (1-8-0) -> Mon Apr 10 2017 9:00 PM
Haterade (10-4-0) @ Zep gets 3 pers (9-4-0) -> Mon Apr 10 2017 10:00 PM *add-on*
Greasers (2-6-1) @ Yung Money (7-2-0) -> Wed Apr 12 2017 9:00 PM
Blades (0-8-0) @ Yung Money (7-2-0) -> Thu Apr 13 2017 10:00 PM
BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) @ Greasers (2-6-1) -> Sun Apr 16 2017 11:00 PM*reschedule*
BEND THE KNEE (7-0-1) @ Mazer (5-4-0) -> Mon Apr 17 2017 10:00 PM
Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) @ Salty Puckers (1-8-0) -> Tue Apr 18 2017 10:00 PM
Yung Money (7-2-0) @ Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) -> Wed Apr 19 2017 10:00 PM
Greasers (2-6-1) @ Mazer (5-4-0) -> Thu Apr 20 2017 10:00 PM*postponed*

Salty Puckers (1-8-0) @ Haterade (7-2-0) -> Sun Apr 23 2017 10:00 PM
Zep gets 3 pers (4-3-0) @ Blades (0-8-0) -> Mon Apr 24 2017 10:00 PM
Zep gets 3 pers (9-7-0) @ BEND THE KNEE (12-1-1) -> Tue Apr 25 2017 11:00 PM*reschedule*
Greasers (4-9-2) @ Mazer (6-10-0) -> Wed Apr 26 2017 10:00 PM*reschedule*
BEND THE KNEE (12-1-1) @ Greasers (4-9-2) -> Sun Apr 30 2017 10:00 PM*reschedule*
Steve Cheese - Tue, Mar 21, 2017 - 19:06:05

HAT @ btk postponed

The match between BEND THE KNEE and Haterade on Tue May 9 2017 11:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Thu, Apr 27, 2017 - 17:23:27

ass @ gre postponed

The match between Greasers and Zep gets 3 pers on Thu Apr 27 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Wed, Apr 26, 2017 - 11:13:23

Zeppelin denies duel, stat pads game

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Blades 0 1 0 1
Zep gets 3 pers 4 4 3 11
Total game time: 31:09

Summary of the night:
At the start of the game the wqlf challenges zepp to a lancaster duel. Zepp refused. Zepp stat pads and scores 6 goals instead. Vigi goes beast-mode. Artos takes the night off to attend anger-management class leaving just 5 for ASS. RKDN kills any chance for scrim after the game. African Panda still mia. dmoney makes case for teammate of the year by playing goalie the entire game. Jank's looking good on the ice. Zeeeeeeee had some opportunities @ net. Crowd still wanting first win for blades.

btk @ YM postponed

The match between Yung Money and BEND THE KNEE on Mon May 1 2017 9:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Mon, Apr 24, 2017 - 23:00:27

SAP upset ASS

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Salty Puckers 2 0 6 8
Zep gets 3 pers 1 3 3 7
Total game time: 36:00

No controversies or disputes over any calls in this low-scoring game.

gre @ MZ postponed

The match between Mazer and Greasers on Thu Apr 20 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Sat, Apr 15, 2017 - 6:28:49

btk @ gre postponed

The match between Greasers and BEND THE KNEE on Sun Apr 16 2017 11:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Fri, Apr 14, 2017 - 8:21:08

Trade Deadline April 20th

Arcadian - Thu, Apr 6, 2017 - 13:57:13

ass @ btk postponed

The match between BEND THE KNEE and Zep gets 3 pers on Mon Apr 3 2017 11:00 PM is postponed.
SuperDan - Sun, Apr 2, 2017 - 23:07:45

SAP over MZ!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Mazer 1 0 3 4
Salty Puckers 1 3 1 5
Total game time: 36:00

Here are some highlights provided by the wonderful Navee;

Haterade Victorious

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Blades 2 2 1 5
Haterade 4 4 3 11
Total game time: 36:00

Highlights compliments of Navimaster

Yung Diddlies Victorious

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Yung Money 1 2 1 4
Zep gets 3 pers 0 0 2 2
Total game time: 36:00

Game report prepared by Arnk Diddly and Goldeye will be coming soon. Keep checking back every dilly day and it may be here.

Also Arcadian requests you review Cracker Barrel's FB page for game highlights.

gre @ ass postponed

The match between Zep gets 3 pers and Greasers on Thu Mar 23 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Tue, Mar 21, 2017 - 6:53:03

SAP @ ass postponed

The match between Zep gets 3 pers and Salty Puckers on Mon Mar 13 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
SuperDan - Sun, Mar 12, 2017 - 21:02:13

MZ @ btk postponed

The match between BEND THE KNEE and Mazer on Tue Mar 14 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
SuperDan - Sun, Mar 12, 2017 - 18:18:05


1st 2nd 3rd Final
Greasers 0 0 1 1
Total game time: 36:00


This matchup was a good deal closer than the score suggests, featuring some excellent defense and goaltending on both sides. Greasers started the game with new acquisition 2pacZ between the pipes, staring down accomplished veteran and renaissance man Nacho Nacho Dan on the other end for Bend the Knee. GRE fielded an unusual line up: three spiders and two warbirds against a more balanced squad of two L1, an L2, and two L3s.

The green and gray ships clicked, and GRE was able to maintain much more possession in the first period than BTK; however, with ships that could actually shoot, BTK created several more scoring chances. On both sides, defenses and goalies held strong and made saves, bringing it tied into the second with 3 shots and saves apiece.

The pace picked up in the second, with both teams finding several opportunities to challenge the goalies and hit the post. The stalemate ended, however, in the waning seconds of the period, when Lawn Dwarf found Mace23 to sneak one past 2pacZ.

In the third, GRE picked up the pace and tried to retaliate, even with goalie 2pacZ pushing forward and trying to jump start the breakout. The aggression backfired and BTK second-stringer awu notched his second of the season to give BTK the two goal lead, and Leafy stretched it to three not long after. 2pacz's frustration was evident soon thereafter, when he bumped Leafy behind the play to earn a Spawnkilling penalty. Lawn Dwarf capitalized late in the powerplay to earn an imposing 4-0 lead.

Nearing the end of the game, an aggressive forecheck by GRE led to Dan MACE2% turning the puck over to artofwar for a 2v0. JDMSpoon put it home to break the shutout. In a fit of rage at his error, Dan opted to pull the goalie with a 4-1 lead and 30 seconds left in the game, charging at the opposing net in his warbird. 2pacZ was evidently intimidated, engaging in a give-and-go with Dan and leaving the short side open for the unusual situation of the already-winning goalie skating out for a goal with two seconds left.

1st star: Nacho Nacho Dan (11 SV, 1 GA, 1 G)
2nd star: Leafy (1 G, 2A)
3rd star: David Seaman #1 (1.93 RPM, 24 ST, 27 CH)
Wooden Spoon: Lawn Dwarf (1 G on 10 SH. But also 3A)

No one bends it like LD!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Haterade 2 0 1 3
Total game time: 36:00

Starship date; 3-5-2017 22:00. We are on planet arena RSHL looking for signs of life. A bunch of hooligans have shown up with some fancy grape drink they are referring to as Haterade. The only way they communicate is by using rap lyrics and internet slang. They apparently want to battle via some spaceship hockey match up.

Commander Lawn Dork was MIA at the start of the matchup despite being around for pre game warm ups. It was later found out during the intermission that he had mistakenly locked himself in the supply cage and no one was around to let him out until the first period ended. Locker room camera's caught it all on tape; HERE!

This left other captain Nacho Nacho Dan in charge, which led to BTK having an unusual line up for the first period. It would consist of 1 WB, 2 Levi, 2 Javs. AWU and Big Beat- being the thrown into the starting line up for the first time of the season in a full lineup.

BTK would have by no surprise, would have trouble maintaining ball possession with their line up and Haterade was looking to capitalize. Bananasquadronsixtynine would open the scoring with 2 goals, both from feeds by Judgesixtynine and Image. Later on during the intermission, instead of thanking god, his parents, or even his teammates, he immediately ran back to the locker room with film crew in hand, to take out a ginormous whiteboard to then tally in his next two goals to his career total. It was later found out that the team Haterade has to ship this tally board via a box truck as it is too large to accompany them on their plane trip rides. Towards the end of the period, VFlex would wrestle his way in front of the net and power one by Ku1a to keep the period close as it would end 2-1 in favor of Haterade.

The second period BTK would have AWU and VFlex exit the game for Lawn Dwarf and newly acquired ladyboy, NCVinyl. Navee would make his first appearance of the season as well as Idkid1232123 with Judge and Zayb taking a breather. The period I assume went back and forth a little bit until the very end when Big Bro Lawn Doofus would score a goal to tie. It says assist from Mace23 but I'm going to assume Mace missed his pass to a different teammate and LD nabbed it and scored.

Third period, where all the magic happens. Less than a minute in, Lawn Dwarf would score from a feed by Mace23 which I assume happened the exact the way it happened at end of 2nd period. BTK finally had the lead and kept the pressure on Ku1a and company to add some insurance goals. Midway through the period Haterade would finally respond to tie the game as the Bananaman would score his 3rd goal of the game with Image getting the assist hatrick. Celebrations were had but they had forgot they only had tied the game with half the period left. Less than a minute later BTK would reclaim the lead for good, as Lawn Dwarf would feed little baby brother Leafy, like a momma bird regurgitating into the mouth of its babies, a goal to put up BTK 4-3. There would be some late battles in front of each of nets but the goalies held up and the game would end in favor of BTK.

Next up for Haterade is Mazer. THey had a close battle against them the other night and Mazer is looking for pay back!

BTK is up against Salty Puckers followed by a rematch of opening day, Greasers.

Good luck to both teams going foward!

Haterade steals one from Team Africepplin.

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Haterade 0 0 4 1 5
Zep gets 3 pers 2 1 1 0 4
Total game time: 36:11

There was some chatter on the GJ freq about who was looking to win this spaceship hockey battle. The overall consensus was that Haterade would take it with ASS's goalie situation. The talk was near Team Zep's bench and possibly overheard because Artos and Arcadian could be seen soon after with a fierce light in their eye.

BTK All-star D money would start of the scoring in the first period with the old situation, if you cant go around them, go through them, as he BK'd the defender in front of the crease and slammed it home. Later on the in period Zeppelin would find a hole through Ku1a's armor and snipe one past him along the top post to give their team a 2-0 lead after the first. Haterade's offense looked a little off, Image playing a levi this game and Blucka in the warbird. It seemed to be a mix of getting used to their ship selection as well as Artos and Arcadian holding down the defenses. Ten shots did get through to the goalie but they were manageable as he saved all of them.

The second period was more of the same. Each team had some solid chances off the post or a missed pass here or there that would have blown the game open or got them back into it. The only score that would be had though was by D Money. D$ would grab a nice feed from Zepp and then would Kenny Wu spin downwards post shot and in for his second goal of the game to put them up 3-0 after the 2nd period. Artos would save another 6 shots and the crowd started taking notice of his improvment and chance at glory for the almighty shut out.

Before the start of the third period, the Haterade jumbotron operator noticed the arena and team needed a boost. This song and video would come blasting on and sent the crowd roaring in excitement. It seemed to work for the team as well as distract Artos at the same time who was pleying stellar in net. Artos would seem to fall out of position quite a few times this period as well as give up costly turnovers that would result into a goal shortly after. Blucka would mostly been on the receiving end of these goals as he scored twice in the opening three minutes of the period. The old veteran Vigilanty would get offended as haterade celebrated Bananasquadrons 400+ career assist like they just won the blackie cup. He quickly put his team back ahead by 2 with a goal to make it 4-2 in favor of Team Zep 3 pers. Blucka could be heard humming and sporadically yell LOOK AT ME MOVE and BANANA POWER as he lead Haterade to two move goals to end the period in a tie. ASS tried to make some last minute moves to get Arcadian who was sitting for all of these goals but it was too little too late and Haterade would have all the momentum going into overtimes.

As the intermission ticked down to its final seconds before the puck drop, the arena announcer would try to hype up this final, free, period of hockey. Just as the crowd was gearing up towards being its loudest of the night to watch some free hockey, it vanished it in instant. The only thing you could heard is the echo of the goal siren. The home crowd the erupted again as they saw Blucka had scored his 5th goal of the game 11 seconds into overtime for the 5-4 vicotry. It was bananasquadron69 beanie baby night and the crowd start throwing them on the ice, as Bananasquadron also tallied his 4th assist of the night. It took the cleaning crew hours to gather them all up and burn them in the incinerator. Thus leaving the few kids who took there beanie baby home a now rare collectible of the Hockey Zone collection.
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