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Tonight's Games

  • Zep gets 3 pers @ Blades, 10 PM Predict

Someone brought some extra hate to the party!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Haterade 3 3 5 11
Blades 0 1 0 1
Total game time: 34:32

Weeze overslept this late scheduled game. Shame on him!

BTK take over late.

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Yung Money 0 0 2 2
Total game time: 36:00

The game really could have gone a while different way since 2 key players were missing from the game. Big brother Lawn Dwarf and the Slim Reaper aka Batman2 would be absent from the match.

Nax would have to brunt the goalie duties for YM and little brother Leafy would have to command the offense for BTK. It started a little rough for Nax as he would let in an awkward goal to Mace23 early but would bounce back and hold off BTK for the rest of the period and the whole second period to keep it 1-0 through 2 periods.

Between both teams there were some descent scoring chances but an unlucky bounce here and there would keep them off the scoreboard for the 2nd period.

Two minutes into the third period t$z would feed a well timed pass to Kor slipped behind the defense just in front of the net and would tie game at 1-1. The gruesome twosome duo of Thrill and Leafy would rally the team and would each score 2 goals a piece over the next 3 minutes. Another goal from Mace23 and Kor would finish off the period in favor of BTK, 6-2.

Blades show up.

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Blades 0 1 2 3
Zep gets 3 pers 5 4 3 12
Total game time: 36:00

Blades showed up to the game.. That was pretty much all they did. It was nice to see though, plenty of players who have not been around for a few season/years. Blades held in and avoided the mercy for their first game. Would not be as lucky for their next game against Haterade however.

Close but no cigar!

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Salty Puckers 1 3 1 0 5
Mazer 2 2 1 1 6
Total game time: 37:23

I am not home so I don't have access to replays or pictures I initially wanted to post, so maybe but not likely I will update this post accordingly.

This game turned out to be a pretty even match up. Salty Puckers would turn to IGGY- in net with Kai- being absent. IGGY usually a solid goalie/backup but I believe in recent settings playing of a latop?

Mazer would start off the first period on fire. Just minutes into the game Violence would slide one past IGGY for the quick 1-0 lead with a feed from Goldeye and Zanaz. Nine seconds later Violence would return the favor to Zanaz who would make it a quick 2-0 game. SAP captain and World Series Best Defender future hall of famer most famous spider, Cocain would not let his team fall flat on its ass. With some nifty pass work from Vega~ and KozzyBear, Cocain would get his team on the board to end the period only down a goal, 2-1 MZ.

Zanaz would get Mazer back to a 2 goal lead early before the other SAP captain, season 6 blackie cup champion, Jalrix would score to keep it at a one goal deficit. Rage would show up this period and performed the ole Owen Nolan pointed at where he would shoot and Rage TM his team back up two goals. Jalrix would have none of this and would score 2 more goals to close the period to tie the game and complete his period hatrick.

Zanaz would complete his hatrick early in the 3rd period and it looked to be enough for the win. However with under 20 seconds left in the game, Vega~ came in like a wrecking ball and in his big blue levi would tie the game up to force it into overtimes.

The overtime would not last long as with every period, Mazer got off to a quick start. Zanaz would tally his 4th goal of the game from a pass by future HOF'er, perennial all-star, multiple award winner, Sydor.

Haterade over Yung Sizzle

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Haterade 1 0 1 2
Yung Money 1 0 0 1
Total game time: 36:00

Haterade and Yung Money would play a hard fought game that would end up in a 2-1 win for Haterade. Solid goalie play was had by both teams. Slim would save 17 of 19 shots and Ku1a held strong in net with 12 saves of 13 shots.

The goals for Haterade would come from Zayb who would score early into the first period with assists from dw0 and Banansquadronsixtyniner. Tee Money Zee wouldn't let too much time pass by and get his team on the board with an unassisted goal of his own.

Second period had some back and forth action with both teams just about equalizing the same shot total... is that a proper sentence or word? I have no idea. Either way, Ku1a and Slim Reaper would hold the fort down for the period and not letting slip by.

The way the goalies and defenses were playing seemed like this game could end into overtime but Blucka had a Counter Strike match soon and with half the period still left to play, he would score the eventual game winner with assist by Image. YM would try to put the pressure on but Ku1a and company would be up to the task to preserve the 2-1 victory.

AP's troops keep Greasers winless

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Greasers 1 0 0 1
Zep gets 3 pers 2 0 2 4
Total game time: 36:00

A typical Greasers game. Cereal n Milk would do his best as his team would struggle to put on any offensive pressure or shots. Funk E would slip one by but that was about it.

BTK takes care of SAP

1st 2nd 3rd Final
BEND THE KNEE 0 5 8 13
Salty Puckers 2 1 0 3
Total game time: 34:51

SAP started off strong but BTK stepped on the gas and never looked back.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Zep gets 3 pers 0 1 2 3
Yung Money 0 3 3 6
Total game time: 36:00

First period was pretty uneventful. There was a few posts here and there but it was more of a feeling out periods by both teams. I think Trick snuck one by but was called crease.

Second period is where the action started happening. Two goals within the first 5 minutes, one by each team, each by the warbird unassised, Trick- with an assist from Arcadian, and African Panda to make it 1-1. A possible momentum shift when Team Zep 3 pers would score a goal, but only after Arcadian would check the goalie in the crease with the ball so it would end up being called back. Yung Money would take over the period now with Artos in goalie and AP out playing WB. Two goals within 2 minutes by T$z via a drop pass from Kor and another goal by Trick amde it 3-1 going into the 3rd.

As the home crowd roared to get ASS back into the game, veteran Doobiemeister would score just minutes into the period making it 4-1. About halfway through the period D money and friends starting making a push to get the game back in their favor. With some lackadaisical goalie play by Slim Reaper, he would leave the defense in jeopardy and allow 2 goals bother by d money to being the score to 4-3 with 4 minutes still left in the game. Despite not calling a timeout, Yung Money seemed to calm down and Mr. Doobie would take hold of his troops. He would brute force, 4 duds against the wbs in a short period of time, and score a goal to put them up 2. He would add another goal off the faceoff rush seconds later to complete his hatrick and seal the deal for Yung Money, going up 6-3.

This makes YM 3-0 and on top of the hill for standings. Their next 2 games will be a tall task, Haterade and BTK are on the block.

Zep gets 3 pers get to face team turtle Greasers, follwoed by Haterade as well. Then faceoff against Weeze and Co. Blades.

Haterade takes it to OT

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Haterade 2 0 1 1 4
Salty Puckers 0 1 2 0 3
Total game time: 37:22

Drunken game report from super can coming soon...

Have to set the mood for this one. The game was at 0300 Zulu time. About 90 minutes earlier it was scrim time and Team Super Dan was taking over the ranks. TSD were the king of the courts for the night with appearances on the team froml; Slim Reaper, Thrill, Zanaz, Cookiewolf, David Seaman, Bananasquadron, Kor, and a few others throughout.

Team Super Dan was unstoppable and team Haterade tried several times to take down the Goliath. So to get to the point. Despite not being able to overcome the juggernaut TSD, at one point they finally were able to get a goal on the scoreboard. It came from Image in a warbird, which was his maybe, 15th ship choice of the night despite the game only having 6 options to play that's not goalie. It was this exact moment that team Haterade figured to put Image in the warbird for this RSHL outing, and it would pay off from the start.

Image would start off right from the get go. Less than one minute into the game he would find the back of the net with an assist from Bananasquadron. Will have to check the accounting office, but I believe this may have been his 391st career assist. Almost exactly 5 minutes later the pair would hook up again on the bench, then out on the ice for 2nd Goal for Image and 392a for Bananansquadron. Kula would hold down the fort for the rest of the period with 5 saves to make Haterade head into the 2nd period with a 2-0 lead.

Salty Puckers feeling pretty darn salty about the first period, would get off to a quick start. St. Louis Blues must have had an off night as Buck Cat decided to show up to the game and with 38 seconds into the period, he would get SAP on the board. SAP would lead the shot counter in the 2nd with 9 shots comapared to the two Haterade would manage. Judge69 was putting in some big minutes for Haterade and played the whole period.

Third period started with myself realizing that I was actually reffing a RSHL game and I should start paying attention. Fan Favorite Kozzy would start the scoring off to the tie game just two minutes in with a feed from Cocain. The game crawled into the closing minutes until just over 30 seconds or so left in the game, Buck Cat threw on his lucky Blue bandanana and slammed down a classic SuperDan blender smoothie to give his team the lead with another feed from Cocain. GG's were said and hope seemed lost....until the puck was dropped. Six seconds passed by on the clock and Bananasquadron, who was the playoff finals MVP in s16, MVP/COTY s17, not to mention s23 finals mvp, would score his 258th career goal to tie the game at 3-3 to send the game into overtime.

In the Haterade locker room during intermission it was heard that Bananasquadman giving an inspiration speech, and reminding that they were almost able to win a scrimmage game vs Team Super Dan and how Image scored a goal. This send his team into a zealous roar as they headed back onto the ice.

The speech appeared to pay off as just over a minute in, Image would score off bananasquadrons 393rd career assist to give them the big first win in the first game of their season, 4-3.

SAP is off to a rough start and have a tough task in their next game against BTK. Though I believe they won both games vs them last season as well as knocking them out of the playoffs last season.

Haterade plays next vs Yung Money, this thursday!

Good luck to both teams going foward!


GRE fails to get first win of the season.

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Mazer 2 1 2 1 6
Greasers 3 1 1 0 5
Total game time: 39:14

This game would be a doozy Greasers would try something new this game and start Cereal n Milk out of the net as a warbird and let Stevewhiter sit in between the pipes. Strategy would pay off early as CnM would score a goal just under a minute into the game as well as the next goal a few minutes later to go up 2-0 GRE. After the first goal everyone suspected CnM would go back to the net sit on the lead, even thought that moreso after the 2-0 lead but that didnt happen just quite yet. SuperSaiyan would get Mazer put them on the board before CnM would complete his hatrick a minute later. Sydor would score with just over a minute left to end the period in favor of GRE, 3-2.

Mazer's captain Abvolt would lead by example at the start of period just over a minute in and score the tying goal to make it 3-3. Action would slow down this period but that didn't stop CnM putting his team back ahead with just over a minute to goal with his 4th tally93 of the game.

The third period is what everyone was waiting for. Greasers had a lead and CnM came out of bench with his goalie pads on. All looked well to protect the lead until CnM had problems with his gear headed to the locker room with lag and whitemer took back over to goalie. Mazer would capitalize and Goldeye would score to tie the game. Just over a minute later with CnM back in the warbird again, Mean Gene would slip one by Bos to take the lead once more with under 2 minutes left. Maszer would put on the pressure to close the period in the final minute which would earn them a MIPS as a Greaser defender was caught in the crease. Maelstrom would convert the 1v0 against stevewhitmer and the game would go into overtime!

There would be only one shot by each team in overtime that lasted just over 3 minutes. Bos saved his chance, and with CnM out on the ice, Stevewhitmer would not save his. Zanaz would score off a feed from Rage and end the game with a 6-5 Mazer win.

Congrats to Mazer on the first win of season and bouncing back from their previous game. Next game up is this Sunday, Salty Puckers vs Haterade @ 10 PM est.

- SuperDan

First Trade of the Year!

To Bend the Knee: Thrill

To Zep gets 3 pers: D money and Tijan
Cereal n' Milk - Thu, Feb 9, 2017 - 23:22:36

Doobie carries Yung $ to a Win

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Yung Money 0 0 2 2
Greasers 0 1 0 1
Total game time: 36:00

A game that was expected to be a grind out effort with a potential 1 to 0 victory or a tie at 0s was heading that exact direction. A lag goal a piece for both teams was the closest thing to scoring until late in the 2nd period when puker caught Slim Reaper napping and slapped a shot past him. Greasers rode the 1 to 0 lead into the final minutes of the third period until the man, the myth, the legend, Doobie and his 20 plus years on his skates put the equalizer in the net with 2 minutes and 8 seconds left in the game. The chant of Overtime could be heard throughout the arena but Doobie with only 51 seconds left in regulation scored his 2nd goal of the match and solidified victory for Yung Money.

Game Summary

2nd period
10:42 Greasers goal by puker Assists: Sting, Mean Gene

3rd period
9:52 Yung Money goal by Doobie Assists: Acido
11:09 Yung Money goal by Doobie

Bend the Knee works over Mazer

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Mazer 1 0 0 1
BEND THE KNEE 1 3 6 10
Total game time: 36:00

The game started off with a goal for BTK followed up by a MZ goal on the ensuing faceoff. That was the highlight of the match for Mazer as Bend the Knee went on to manhandle their opponent with superior dudding ability of Mace23 and d money.


1st 2nd 3rd Final
Salty Puckers 2 0 4 6
Zep gets 3 pers 5 0 3 8
Total game time: 36:00

All artos in this one.

Tie game!

1st 2nd 3rd 1st OT Final
Greasers 0 0 1 0 1
BEND THE KNEE 0 1 0 0 1
Total game time: 48:00

CNM was lights out.

RSHL Season 25!

Some final details about our upcoming season. First off, let's welcome Blades to the league! Captained by Weeze, we will see this team for the first time tonight (1/31) in a preseason game vs. Mazer at 10pm EST. If this all goes well, we will proceed with scheduling their regular season games.

Our playoffs: 5 teams will make the playoffs this year. Seeds #4 and #5 will have a 3-game play-in series. Followed by this, #2 will play #3 and #1 will play the winner of the play-in. The semi-finals and finals will both be 5-game series.

Waivers: Goldeye will be handling our waivers again this year. They will be processed on Sundays and use the same system as this past season. We are treating Blades as a special case; they will not be able to make claims and participate in the normal waivers. Rather, they will receive the unclaimed players from waivers.

Here's to the next season of RSHL!
Cereal n' Milk - Tue, Jan 31, 2017 - 19:32:00

YM wins season opener!

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Yung Money 1 2 4 7
Salty Puckers 1 0 3 4
Total game time: 36:00

Acido and Doobie would lead the way for YM.

MZ @ HAT postponed

The match between Haterade and Mazer on Tue Jan 31 2017 10:00 PM is postponed.
Steve Cheese - Fri, Jan 27, 2017 - 5:37:26

ASS over MZ

1st 2nd 3rd Final
Zep gets 3 pers 3 0 5 8
Mazer 3 2 0 5
Total game time: 36:00

MZ would be down a player for the first period due to 2 players being lagged. They would eventually get Cookiewolf as a NTS for the 2nd and start of 3rd period but he would also be lagging. Despite all this, Mazer would be leading for most of the game. Bos would end up appearing for laggy cwolf but team ASS would end up taking over the lead in the middle of the third and not look back to win the last preseason game.

5v5 Small rink tourny!!

Just a reminder that the tournament is tomorrow, 1/29 8:00 EST.

The general rules for this is going to be:

12 Minute games.
Double Elimination.
You can only use 2 of any 1 ship.


Smaller arena
Large goalie crease
Warbird: 10% shot power buff.
Terrier: 5% shot power buff.

Bracket Link

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