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Author Topic: Microphone troubleshooting for fgts who chat about HZ on vent  (Read 997 times)


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ok first of all

make sure u plugged it in MIC port not LINE IN PORT


double-click speaker icon in systray (bottom right)
options -> properties
click Recording radio button, click OK
make sure Microphone not Line-in has checkmark underneath it
make sure slider is up at decent level, usually u dont need to turn it all the way up maybe 60% or so, turn it all the way up if u want tho to get loud as possible
options -> check Advanced
click ADvanced button underneath microphone
make sure microphone +20dB boost is checked

In ventrilo,

Under Input Device (top left) if you have ur soundcard listed in the dropdown pick that instead of default, check Use Directsound
Under Hardware mixer section make sure Line is set to Microphone, try increasing the line volume a bit (this is sensitive dont jam it up or u'll murder people's ears lole)
Under amplifiers try bumping up Outbound slider

to test, still under setup

make sure use push-to-talk is checked in up-left
click on box next to hotkey and press a key or mouse button u want to use to talk
click TEst in bottom left, then hold the hotkey down and talk some, let go and see if u hear urself at deec volume
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