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Author Topic: Keep it civil and on topic in this forum  (Read 1939 times)


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Keep it civil and on topic in this forum
« on: December 07, 2009, 10:40:19 AM »

Hello -

One of the first things I did as appeals coordinator was open this forum open to any player who wished to weigh in on an appeal.  Recently, a few bad apples have abused this privilege by using the forum to flame other members (Rockalicy, Batman2, Juked).  Others are using appeals to vent about personal differences (LtFlagger and Stryke), which is similarly inappropriate.  Furthermore, the tone and quality of other appeals (see Seaman, WIR) has been so poor that I have dismissed these without serious consideration.

On all counts, this is not what I want the process to be like, and things will change, one way or another.  Here are some of my ideas for possible solutions:

  • Ban offending members from the appeals forum (or the RSHL forums in general)
  • Re-restrict the appeals process to players/captains with an active appeal
  • Re-restrict appeals to a defined format as it was with previous ACs

Alternatively, you guys could start taking the process more seriously, and keep your flaming to the Fire on Ice Forum.  It's your choice -- mostly.

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Re: Keep it civil and on topic in this forum
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2013, 02:24:41 PM »

Protip: This still applies. If you are adding nothing relevant or extra to the appeal your post will be removed, you will probably be warned (oh yeah you're scared!) So just consider not posting if you're not sure.

P.S. this is also not the place to discuss the rules or policies...
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