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Author Topic: Appeals Criteria  (Read 2587 times)


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Appeals Criteria
« on: April 16, 2010, 03:17:37 PM »

Player Appeals:

  • A player or one of his/her team captains may appeal only by posting to the Appeals Forum.  Provide as much information as you think will be helpful.
  • As part of my philosophy about the role of the Appeals Coordinator, I do not work in private, so it is generally pointless to ask me about the chances of a successful appeal; however, it can be helpful to let me know of a pending appeal.
  • Similarly, I will not pre-judge a suspension before it occurs, and I do not comment on hypothetical situations.
  • I have kept an archive of previous appeals.  You are welcome to browse through these for any reason.

Game Appeals:

  • In general, only team captains should post game appeals.  One exception to this rule that I can think of is if a game was played without a captain.
  • Appeal, or indicate your intention to appeal, the game result or decision as soon as possible.  Late-season appeals must be filed within 36 hours, unless there is a very good reason for missing this deadline.
  • Provide as much information as you can, including any precedents that should apply.  Feel free to use the comprehensive list below (hint, you may want to use the 'successful' category).
  • In addition to discussing a particular call or ruling, explicitly state a desired outcome from the appeals process, and why this should be granted.
  • Other interested parties should then feel free to share their opinions (within reason) on the board.  If you contact me privately, I will most likely publish your message or chat on here.
  • Expect game decisions to take longer than player decisions.

Successful game appeals:

HC VS ST Appeal (Sus. Avoidance)
MI/PH Appeal

Unsuccessful game appeals:

PT @ BH March 2nd
MZ vs BL Appeal
Appeal of HipCheck @ Sting game, game ID 1438
CrossCheck vs Underdogs
Appeal of EXP v RW
Reppowarriors vs Mazer 11/12/208 appeal
Haunt v snb appeal (*one meaningless goal removed)
Cr vs DB Appeal
Admirals / Hmm
Money Corp vs Interference
SH vs WEBGEMS Reschedule.
ITF vs SH (escalated this to the BoD)
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