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Hockey Zone Rules (2007-2010)

*Note: These rules and guidelines are subject to revision and/or
change by the zone sysops.

**Note: You can also read the rules by using F1 in the game to refresh your memory.


If you read and understand the rules in this section, and play the game with the intention of having fun and playing the game as it is intended to be played, you will have no problems from the zone staff.

- BlueGoku

Section I - Basic SSHZ Rules

1) Creasing (abbreviations: CR, BCR, DC) - No players EXCEPT THE
GOALIE may enter the crease (the red semicircle in front of
the net) at any time to score or stop the puck.

2) Killing (abbreviations: spawning, respawn) - No players may kill
someone 3 times or more in a row. Also, the goaltender may not be
attacked while he is inside of his crease.

3) Delay of Game - You are not allowed to take the puck out of play,
take yourself out of play, or do anything other than
play hockey. This only applies to Public arenas.

4) Goaltending (goalie ships- Lancaster (7) or Shark (8)) - No goalie
may cross his/her side's blue line. Only 1 goalie is
allowed per team at any given point of time.

5) Bot Abuse - Any attempt to violate rules or the function of any of the bots
through use of situations the bot is not programmed for is illegal.
Abusing the scrim/mini bots will result in a silence, and continuous abuse will
result in a 2 day ban from the zone.

6) Language - Players will be warned and silenced for the following
anywhere in the zone:

- Spamming, using macros or otherwise hindering the ability for others to chat
- Persistent harassment of staff members.

7) Racism - 7) Racism - The obscene filter is now on by default. Players who use alternate spellings of racially motivated deragatory language on any public chats (zilla chat, spec chat or pub chat) in public arenas (any non # arenas) will be subject to a silence. Any indication that players are clearly using hidden terms to refer to a certain racial group using stereotypes can also lead to a silencing if it is obvious that the coded word is equivalent to a racially deragatory word. Players who continue to avoid the filter will be banned for 2 days. As always, racist names and squad names are not tolerated in Hockey Zone. If you are using a racist name or squad name you will be warned to change it. Failure to do so will result in a 2 day ban.
8) Orderly Conduct Rule - Any attempt to disrupt the play in any arena, public or
private, is illegal. Moderators will punish you for playing the game
in a manner it is not meant to be played. In public arenas, and
in private arenas at their creator/owner's discretion, moderators
may force players to spectate.

9) Half Court Games (abbreviation: HC) - In public arenas, When less
than 10 players are playing, a ref may designate "half
court" play only. One team plays offense, the other team (with a
goalie) plays defense. The defense is not allowed to score, nor to take
the puck past their own blueline. If you want to score, switch to the 
offensive team.

10) Links - Links to pornographic, illegal or disturbing images on the 'net are strictly 
prohibited. Posting such links will earn you a warning and 5 minute silence,
and continuing to do so will earn you a 2 day ban.

11) Impersonation - Impersonating a moderator by suffixing your name
with a +, , , , etc. will earn you a warning. Failure to log
off the name in question will earn you a 2 day ban. Other types of impersonation
that may result in a warning/possible ban are: impersonating of any staff members,
infamous banned players, or long gone veteran players.

Disclaimer: The zone sysops retain the final say in any matters if the
circumstance warrants it.


i) General
The staff is here primarily to make sure the zone is running smoothly.
Players who refuse to play the game as it is supposed
to be played should expect to receive a warning detailing their wrongdoing, 
and punishment for their actions.If you play the game without the intent of getting yourself in trouble so you can complain about it, you will have no trouble with the zone staff. Harassing the staff members is not tolerated, because they are here to enjoy the game too.
If you have any complaints about a moderator or staff member, posting hate-rants about them on the boards will hardly get you far. If your complaint is valid, you will find it a better idea to contact the head moderators or zone operator.

Remember that the staff members are also players - here to enjoy this zone. Their assistance in enforcing the zone's rules does not exclude them from equal opportunity to play the game.

In general, be nice to the staff and they'll be nice to you.

ii) Scrim and mini

Abuse of any scrim or mini function is a serious offense. This includes but is not limited to vote abuse and intentional cheating. Moderators are instructed to spec/silence/blacklist/ban for blatant intentional violations of these rules. If you do something you know you're not allowed to, you
can expect to be punished.
Moderators will spec/silence/ban/blacklist you for the following actions:
-Blatant vote abuse
-Attempting to illegally win the faceoff.
-Using commands repeatedly or in an unintended or obnoxious manner, this includes placing yourself in line with a second alias while playing.

iii) Zilla Chat

The zilla chat is only accessable from inside Hockey Zone. The zone chat is not to be spammed in any way. Players excessively flooding the zilla chat will be warned, then silenced. If this behavior continues, they will be banned.

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