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RSHL Week 9 (Apr 2 - Apr 8) GBU Rankings

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Sorry guys, late entry this week. I had a busy weekend and I forgot.


No transactions to speak of this week!


#8 - Blades

Last Week: #8; NO CHANGE
Overall: 0-12; Last Week: 0-3

BLS continues the search for their first win. They had a 3 game week that featured 2 mercy defeats. They started the week with a 12-2 loss to BTK. They followed it with another 10-0 mercy defeat to MZ. Their final game was closer as they had a glimmer of hope but ended up losing 4-1 to GR.

They have 2 games this coming week. First game is against SAP, and the second game is against YM. SAP won the first meeting 10-4 while YM won their game too 12-4.

Good: They had their best defensive showing of the season when they limited GR to 4 goals. They've also done a better job defensively this week as none of their opponents had 30+ shots on net...although 2 of the games did end early due to mercy.
Bad: It seems players have started to fade in interest as Jumper, Hutt, Brethal+adsl and meow-- have all stopped showing while being more active earlier on.
Ugly: Back to back mercies...12-2...10-0...ouch...

#7 - Greasers
Last Week: #7; NO CHANGE
Overall: 3-9-1; Last Week: 1-1

GR stay in 7th for this week as they went 1-1. They defeated BLS 4-1 but lost to HAT 10-1.

They have 2 games coming up this week against SAP and YM. SAP is a team they are chasing and need to pass to get into a play-in spot. GR will be looking to avenge their previous 5-2 loss to SAP. YM won both of the previous meetings 2-1 against a full strength GR in the first meeting and 7-1 in the second meeting against a not full strength GR.

Good: They ended their 5 game losing streak with a win against BLS. They also got Cereal n' Milk and CMDROS as both seemed to have fixed their lag and was playing this week.
Bad: It was a rude welcome back for Cereal n' Milk as HAT avenged their earlier defeat by scoring 10 goals...6 goals on 17 shots against Cereal n' Milk who stunned them with a 24 sv 1 ga performance in the first performance.
Ugly: Where is the scoring? After 13 games, GR's leading goal scorers are tied at 4 goals (Cereal n' Milk, puker, and artofwar. They only have 2 players with more than 10 points. Puker leads the team with 16 points while CMDROS is second with 11.

#6 - Mazer
Last Week: #6; NO CHANGE
Overall: 6-9; Last Week: 1-3

MZ had a busy 4 game week with 4 games in 4 night. They started the week strong with a 10-0 victory over BLS. Then they put up a good fight before losing 3-2 to YM. After that, things went downhill as they lost 6-3 to ASS and HAT.

Fortunately, MZ has a bye week for them to regroup and get over the rough games.

Good: MZ got their 3rd shutout of the season, and only 1 other team (as of April 9, 2017) has a shutout. There has only been 4 shutouts this entire season far (again, as of April 9, 2017).
Bad: Soft goals...the story of the season for MZ. 2 soft goals allowed by bos cost MZ the game against YM. Things unraveled quickly as a trade got leaked and the team lost 6-3 in both of their following games amid the trade rumors.
Ugly: Team captain Abvolt has quit after the leaked trade fiasco. Leadership and captaincy has been passed onto
co-captain Zanaz and first round pick Rage for the remainder of the season. The two veterans will have to quickly right the ship and stop the bleeding. Their goal will be to hold on to #5 and get into the play-in series.

#5 - Salty Puckers
Last Week: #5; NO CHANGE
Overall: 3-9; Last Week: 0-0

SAP had a bye week and maintain their #5 spot. MZ did not do enough to pass them this week, and SAP did not do anything to lower their own rank.

They return to action with a softer week as they face BLS and GR. These are two winnable games for the team and are arguably must-wins if they wish to control their own playoff fate. SAP won the first meetings against both teams, beating BLS 10-4 and beating GR 5-2.

Good: Their playoff hopes had a big boost last week with the win over MZ and they should enjoy that victory for all of last week.
Bad: The bye week may have come at a bad time as SAP was red hot the previous week going 2-1, and the bye week may have just iced them.
Ugly: Only 3 players on the team with 200+ mins of icetime have more steals than turnovers. These 3 stars are Cocain, Vega~, and malstryx. Take better care of the ball!

#4 - Haterade
Last Week: #4; NO CHANGE
Overall: 10-4; Last Week: 2-0

HAT stops the bleeding and go 2-0 this week. They took out their frustrations by beating GR 10-1 then MZ 6-3. They did enough to stop the bleeding but not enough to climb back up the rankings yet.

They have two big tests coming up this week against BTK and ASS. BTK won the first meeting 4-3. ASS and HAT split the first two games of the season with HAT winning the first game 5-4 and ASS winning the second 8-1.

Good: Image has emerged as the unsung hero for the team. He has been overshadowed by the heroics of BananaSquadron69, Sixth Blackie OTW, and ku1a, but quietly he is leading the team in points with 47.
Bad: Shame on HAT for not finishing off the mercy against GR, winning 10-1 instead of a clean 10-0 or 11-1.
Ugly: Rumor has it that Sixth Blackie OTW may be taking hiatus as a stand against the authorities for vetoing trades this year season. He is one of the x-factors on the team that changes HAT from a good team to a great team, so if he does go on a break, it'll be a huge blow for the team, especially with the status of BananaSquadron69 in doubt for playoffs.

#3 - Yung Money
Last Week: #2; DOWN 1
Overall: 10-3; Last Week: 1-0

YM slips one spot this week to #3 after barely beating MZ 3-2. They won their only game of the week but they looked the least impressive of the top 3 with their slim victory.

They have 2 games coming up next week against GR and BLS. YM is 2-0 against GR with a 2-1 and a 7-1 win. They are also 1-0 against BLS with a 12-4 win.

Good: After a rough game against BTK, Slim Reaper bounced back with a 87.5 sv% performance.
Bad: Stryke has added a nice warbird and speed element to the attack. The difference is night and day. The offense looks stale and ITF-like without Stryke.
Ugly: They barely came away with a 3-2 win over the struggling MZ while other playoff teams ASS and HAT both won comfortably 6-3.

#2 - Bend the Knee
Last Week: #1; DOWN 1
Overall: 11-1-1; Last Week: 1-1

BTK's undefeated run and stay at #1 ends. They went 1-1 last week beating BLS 12-2 but losing to ASS 6-3. Their 12 game undefeated streak came to an end with this loss.

They don't have a lot of time to grieve their first loss as they play HAT next week. BTK won the first meeting 4-3.

Good: Lawn Dwarf saved some dignity and pride for BTK with his third period hat-trick against ASS.
Bad: Leafy had a 3.6 rating in 14:49 of warbird action against ASS. He did perform well in net in the third period with a 7 save period shutout against ASS's b-team.
Ugly: BTK lives and dies by their co-captains. Lawn Dwarf was absent for half the game and he is the engine that powers the offense. The difference in attacking efficiency was obvious as BTK managed 0 goals in the first 2 periods without him, and Lawn Dwarf scored 3 goals in the third period himself. Also, what was Nacho Nacho Dan doing this game? -1 rating in ~18 mins of icetime as a warbird. One has to question if BTK underestimated their opponents and messed around too much (e.g. V-Flex played 2 periods of goalie and gave up 5 goals), costing them the undefeated season.

#1 - Zep Gets 3 Pers
Last Week: #3; UP 2
Overall: 9-4; Last Week: 2-0

ASS are your new #1. They had a statement week winning 6-3 against MZ then 6-3 against the previously undefeated BTK.

They don't have much time to celebrate as they face off against HAT for the 3rd time next week. This will be the deciding match between the two titans. HAT won the first meeting 5-4 and ASS responded emphatically with a 8-1 victory in the second game.

Good: They are the first team to beat BTK this season! They also won in dominating fashion as they rushed out to a 6-0 lead after 2 periods.
Bad: African Panda had a rough week as he only had 1 assist and a 17.6 rating after playing ~63 mins last week. His team scored 12 goals in the 2 games while he only had 1 assist to show for. He was also the only forward to be held pointless against BTK with 0 points and 3.9 rating in ~27 mins.
Ugly: Did Zyzz try to cheat and get a fake shutout? I noticed that last week I gave Zyzz credit for a 16 save shutout against HAT but HAT actually scored a goal. Zyzz still played great with 16 saves but how did he not credited with a goals against when the game ended 8-1? He played all 36 mins in net too...did he intentionally spec while the goal was being voted on to avoid the goals against?

Feel free to discuss on the forums here!
blessings_of_sins - Thu, Apr 13, 2017 - 15:02:00
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