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Interview With Weeze

Todays interview is with someone who has recently came back to Hockey Zone, Weeze. He's been gone a few seasons and was curious on how he sees HZ nowadays. We'll start with a brief HZ career history and then just a few questions.

Hey Dan, I'm happy to answer some questions. I'm glad you're doing cool things for the zone. My previous time in hockey zone I was always associated with whatever the worst teams were at the time, but if I were to go into some hypothetical hall of fame (for bad players), I'd wear a Blades jersey. My first season was season 8 - I was a benchwarmer for the venerable Kula Shaker's Excessive Force. In season 9 I started up Blades, which actually had a promising start if memory serves. I came to HZ around the time of the great influx of players from Infantry once it (stupidly) went pay to play. I played in the zone Team Deathmatch there with dragonwing0, WIR (then known as Dempig), and Twista. There were some other guys, but those are the ones that stuck around. Anyway that's probably way too much backstory so I'll cut to the chase. Blades started off pretty decently and made the playoffs a few times, but in season 12 we went winless. It was rough but I always much preferred to play with nice/relaxed people so I didn't mind too much. I renamed the team Janitors in season 13 to better reflect our image. We went 1-21 so I'd say I captured it perfectly. I got really busy with college so I took a few years off and came back in season 16 and joined Money Corp. I don't think we were very good/I don't think I was very active. Thennnn I was reunited in season 17 with Kula Shaker on Slasher Park Blades, which was a combination of Slashers, South Park Cows, and Blades.

Okay so your actual questions!

What brought you back this season?
I suppose I longed for simpler times. 2016 was a pretty rough year for lots of people, me included. I got an email from someone talking about a draft league and thought a return to HZ would be a great idea.

What did you think of the Draft and current thoughts on your team?
The draft was really neat. I think it's a good way to drum up interest and split the talent a little bit so it's not the same teams dominating every year. I love my team. Arcadian is a former Blades alum so it's nice to have him around. I always thought AP and Zepp were nice guys, so I was happy to be drafted by them.

What made you want to play goalie, have you seen the settings?
The settings are pretty rough. I seem to remember my prox being a lot larger way back when. I also feel like I get blown up way easier as a goalie than before but that's probably because I'm not very good and mismanage my turbo. The short clock on goalie ships gives me a really profound sense of panic each and every time I get the puck. Expect a lot of careless turnovers this season as a direct result of that. As far as why goalie, it's because I'm not very good at this game. It seems like I get yelled at least when I'm in ship 8 and this way I can inflate my sense of value to a team. Until I mess up and they all hate me.

Any other thoughts?
I'm glad the zone is still alive and people like you are doing good things like this to keep the interest there. I sometimes get sad when I think about how many cool people we've lost over the years, but it's good to know you can always go back to good old hockey zone.

Just want to thank Weeze for his time and hopefully I can continue this as some sort of weekly/bi-weekly segement.
SuperDan - Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 15:57:52
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