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RSHL S25 Draft Write up!

In no certain order, besides alphabetical, is a Pre-Preseason team write up. (also to note, team artwork is subject to change so thay aren't made by me =p)

BEND THE KNEE lead by Lawn Dwarf and SuperDan. The league handicapped them for the first 2 rounds of the draft but they still ended up with a descent team. Leafy/Mace23/Dmoney
with LD and Cookiewolf also there for support in the middle or coming up on offense. Back end includes Tjian and Vflex with SuperDan and Zyzz maybe sharing Goalieship time. After
that, they look to be lacking in some depth. Which could prove to be a problem if some activity starts to lack on some of the guys they are leaning on. LD/SD led the field
last season in +/- by a good margin but will need a few players stepping up to provide the strong team defense that they lack now with no Thrill or Rage.

Projected Starting Line up: Lawn Dwarf, d money, Mace23, Cookiewolf, VFlex, Nacho Nacho Dan

David got slotted for the first pick of the draft which was going to be a no brainer, last season Playoff MVP, Cereal 'n Milk. CnM has proven the past few seasons he can
be counted on to stand on his head inbetween the pipes to steal games. David's plan seem to be solidify poistions in front of CnM and go out to get some "ginders". Himself,
Cmdros, Sting will provide more than enough presence in front of the net, even accounting for some Seaman slam dunks with people back to hold the fort. This is where most
people seem to think the team tapers off and has nothing else to show. I'm going to go out on a limb and say their offense will suprise many people. Puker and Funk E can
be solid on the offense end and JDMSpooN was doing pretty well last season before being wasted on GoM. Flew and Memorize can come off the bench to change the pace and
even if they end up being a little wild and careless, they have the defense and goalie behind them to make up for it. BaK if active can be very serviceable and Pity. is
an active player they can count on for some minutes. David even thought of grabbing a backup goalie, 2pacZ, who can serve well to let CnM out of net here and there.

Projected Starting Line up: Funk E, Puker, JDMSppon, CMdros, Sting, Cereal 'n Milk

Bluegoku and BanasquadronSIXTYNINE looked to be the one team with an obivous plan for the draft. BG mentioned they had the roles they wanted and filled them accordingly.
And fill them he did. Hasek/Phil Holes should bring back old DB chemistry with Banana which gives them the ability really to throw anyone else with the two and they should
produce. As I look over the roster, it might be BG himself who for as I can tell, has been more support in the Levi ship the last few seaosns, but maybe this season he will
be out of the blue hulk. On the back end they have Zayb and Dragonwing0 that honestly I was going to draft the same round they were but they were 2 spots ahead of us I
believe. Only issue is I think DW mentioned lag but if he can get a handle on that, Zayb and DW is a strong Mid/D that can support the puck on the offensive end without falling
off behind as long as one of them is back. Goalie seems like an issue but if Ku1a can play the same or even improve with more time in between the pipes, they should be alright.
My expereience is DW steals half the saves anyways. Steve can serve as a descent backup goalie as long as he doesn't listen to me to only do ass passes after saves only. Then
you have Judge69 trying to lead his team behind the scenes to a second straight Blackie... not even behind the scenes, behind not even showing up.

Projected Starting Line up: Bananasquadron69, Sixth Blackie, Image, Zayb, dw0, Ku1a

I think this team has the biggest swing of how this team can go. They have a wide variety of players who can get things done, but how they will all mesh is really up in the
air. This team really shows how different teams can end up in the draft format. Players you wouldn't imagine really ever playing with one another will have to come
together and try to get things accomplished. They have Bos and M1ch to man the goalieship so they shouldn't have to worry much about that. In front of him I think will be
the problem. I see Goldeye maybe taking more of the mid/d role. Rage/Zanaz/Violence can be a pretty offensive line up backed up by Abvolt himself. Or even Violence playing
more of an older role of his, Spider Mid/O with Abvolt on full time offense. I can't remember if Bopmem2 was super active last season but he can always be a threat in the
offensive zone and hes an underrated defender who usually makes 1-2 big checks/saves on the defensive end. Sydor and SuperSaiyan can be good terrier fillers and the past
few days I've seen Maelstrom lurking around on the forums as well. I totally missed Afri on the roster who will mostly like be last back and who will definately benefit
from a more veteran midfield presense that someone will have to fill.

Projected Starting Line up: Zanaz, Rage, Abvolt, Violence Afri, Bos

Here lies the problem with a draft league as a team who just won it the previous season. His top players instantly get drafted and lose their core. Jalrix and Cocain plan
was clear, which to salvage what they could from last years team and plug the holes. On paper, they seem a little weak, but Jalrix probably pulled off some of the better
trades last season to catapult his team into the playoffs and then win the whole thing anyways. It looks like he will have to pull off some of the same magic this season
if they want to do the same. First thing to stand out is goalie strength. They are going from top goalie to unproven goalie. Kai- has some big shoes to fill from Cereal n' Milk
but as long as Iggy isn't on a laptop(?), he should be able to help out and split some time maybe. Cocain and Vega will look to hohld the backend while Jalrix leads the offense
with top pick Buck cat. Iggy can help support and Lilwade when more active and can usually fit in wherever, Malstryx was able to plug holes last season and Kozzy usually suprises
people being underrated and being able to contribute offensively. Wiibimbo now in I believe his third season will be looked upon to step up his game even more than last season
which I think he can, given the expereience he gained with the cup run. I think this team faces the hardest challenge of the other teams since trying to keep the core together
even though top players were cherrypick'd away during the draft process.

Projected Starting Line up: Jalrix, Buck cat, Iggy, Lilwade, Cocain, Kai-

This was a team that at the start of last season didn't get much respect from some of the rankers/rankings. Batman2 and the gang then proved them all wrong. YM would draft
a little different than other last season that was criticized but turned out to be a top 2 team before stalling at the 3/4 mark and ending up in the 3 way tie to end the season.
This season YM looked to grab some of their core and some newer players to avoid any of the drama they ended up with last season. You have BM2 in net with the tag team of
t$z and Acido back. You also have Kor returning as one of their top players from last season. Their big top pick was Doobie who had a stellar season on team friendship last
season and looks to lead this team on the offensive end. Looks like they have Nax on the backend infront of BM2 who is serviceable. Some key picks if they prove to be active
and shake off some rust is Revolution and Trickdaddy. How they adapt to the newer players/settings/server can try YM over the top and back to a top tier team. They even have
Stryke to help pitch in on the offensive end and Captain Pickle/Frequent Flyer lurking around, would be nice to see them even semi-active and could prove to be a big help.

Projected Starting Line up: Doobie, Acido, Styke, t$z, Nax, Slim Reaper

Last but no least, its team Zep3pers. They ended up getting Thrill with their first pick because honestly, no one else wanted that idiot. The word on the street is that their goalie
ship is going to be Weeze. Not a strong choice as Weeze hasn't played in years, let alone play goalie ever that I'm aware of. They actually have some solid options after Weeze, with
Panda/Zeppelin themselves, or even Hawley-Smoot. So whether or not Weeze is truly their goalie, we shall find out. Panda/Vigi wbs with Thrill and Zepp behind them leads an intereting
offense. Arcadian and NCVinyl look to hold down the back end. Zero Seven is a great filler pick who can show up when needed and fill whatever role is needed. Zepp lately has been in
the Jav and I think will have to carry the team pretty hard. Thrill will help say he is helping but will probably end up hogging most of the time and then talk about puck possession.

Projected Starting Line up: Zeppelin-, Vigilanty, Thrill, NCVinyl, Arcadian, Weeze

Stay tuned for interviews, additional seasonal write ups, and much more coming up here in the near future.

Weeze Interview

SuperDan - Fri, Dec 30, 2016 - 17:44:52
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