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    Puttin' on the Foil(5) @ The Abusement Park(9)
    Arnk and the Gang(5) @ The Abusement Park(11)
    Victorious Secret(3) @ Puttin' on the Foil(11)
    Victorious Secret(1) @ Huge Dekes(0)
    Arnk and the Gang(11) @ Turd Sandwich(7)
    Puttin' on the Foil(10) @ Victorious Secret(0)
    Turd Sandwich(6) @ Arnk and the Gang(6)
    The Abusement Park(5) @ Puttin' on the Foil(6)
    Turd Sandwich(9) @ Victorious Secret(8)
    Arnk and the Gang(7) @ Huge Dekes(10)
    Puttin' on the Foil(9) @ Huge Dekes(1)
    The Abusement Park(13) @ Victorious Secret(5)
    Puttin' on the Foil(11) @ Turd Sandwich(8)
    Arnk and the Gang(10) @ The Abusement Park(15)
    Victorious Secret(14) @ Arnk and the Gang(11)
    Huge Dekes(15) @ Turd Sandwich(16)
    The Abusement Park(16) @ Puttin' on the Foil(6)
    The Abusement Park(11) @ Huge Dekes(9)
    Victorious Secret(5) @ Huge Dekes(13)
    Arnk and the Gang(7) @ Turd Sandwich(8)
    Huge Dekes(5) @ Victorious Secret(6)
    Turd Sandwich(5) @ The Abusement Park(15)
    Arnk and the Gang(5) @ Puttin' on the Foil(9)
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