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Author Topic: Current Changes  (Read 982 times)


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Current Changes
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:31:00 AM »

Current Tests:
Aims of the change italicized

- Reworked slapshot energies and slapshot time to distinguish passing ships and shooting ships. 
  Next step in the quest to make slap passes useful. 1/3/5 cost is lowered, allowing them to thrust more before slap.  2/4/6 have a higher cost but faster release, for a more threatening shot.
  More details here:,35528.msg508015.html#msg508015

- Reduced slap shot delay to 0.15s

- (PUB ONLY) Crease modified; wider in the middle, thinner on the sides
  Trying to make dat cr sit a little less effective by making it harder for D to cover both passing and shooting lanes.
-Ball carry penalty removed
  TBH I don't even know why this matters.  In a straight foot race, the speed penalty is 5 pixels per second, and skill maneuvering is going to make a way bigger difference than that.  The accel penalty probably barely matters; maybe 2-3 px difference from a stop.  I think situations where it'd matter are really really rare.  But go in a priv and test it if you want. 
-Lanc given very slight prox reduction
  With the changes to shark, lanc is left relatively overpowered, especially with defense around.

BTW, apparently I neglected to take out the ball carry penalty at the start of cashpuck, even though I said I did.  Talk about a huge placebo effect.  The penalty is about 1% of (non-afterburner) speed for a warbird, and around 4% of accel.  It probably does not make a profound difference.

Since 1/6/14-1/7/14
- Slight increase to shark recharge, and a slightly smaller increase to afterburner cost
  Make shark slightly less susceptible to low energy
- Pub only: "Rebounds": Goalies have low carry times, negative shot power, and the ability to slapshot/one-time the puck forward.
  Reduce the certainty of a shot on net being a turnover, and generate more offensive opportunities on a crowded crease.

From start of cashpuck
- Renovated Shark: Lower speed and prox, higher accel
  Further differentiate the goalie ships, to allow a more open styled attack
- Reduced slapshot time: All skaters fire slapshot 0.25s after the bomb is fired (previously around 0.5s)
  Improve the passing utility of slapshots, as well as the shooting ability for all ships
- Reduced proxes
  Create wider passing lanes

Details on rebounds
- Goalies have low puck carry times, under 1 second.  Lanc gets slightly more, to compensate for its lower speed.
- Both goalies have negative shot power, meaning that pressing CTRL (or your usual shoot key) will fire the puck backwards.
- When the timer expires, the puck is shot at the exact opposite of what would happen if you press CTRL -- that is, it will fire out the front of the ship.  Awkwardly, the puck comes out shoots out harder if you are backing up, and softer while moving forward.
- Both goalies now have a fairly powerful forward slapshot which costs substantial energy, but fires immediately and does not cause an engine shutdown or energy drain.  It can be used as a one timer within 0.5 sec of catching the puck.

My thoughts on how it should be played:
The easiest way for goalies to deal with this new challenge is to immediately turn to empty space or a teammate close to where they are facing, and fire a bomb.  However, this does cost the goalie energy, making a turnover quite dangerous, and if the shot is not fired quickly, enough, the puck will pop out with a difficult to predict trajectory. 
Remaining inside the crease to react to a dangerous rebound is advisable.
Skilled goalies may want to perfect controlling the rebound, or reverse-firing CTRL pass, to conserve energy.  Again, the short time and difficult trajectory may result in risky passes being very dangerous.

Goals and desired effects:
The biggest goal of introducing this new rebound mechanic is to make it very difficult for a shot on net to result in a nearly guaranteed turnover and quick transition.  This is important because it allows teams that establish a stronger presence around the net to sustain an attack and be at less risk for a counterattack following a shot.  Hopefully, this will make it harder for teams that play extremely conservatively (ie boring) to win
The goal is NOT to generate own goals, or even necessarily juicy rebounds; it's to make it harder for goalies to personally start the breakout.  While this might make goalie "less fun" by reducing their ability to start the attack, it can greatly benefit the game as a whole, and will also distinguish goalie skill.  Goalies will need to react to more unexpected situations, and those with better anticipation, vision, and reactions will be able to make safe or effective passes under more strenuous conditions.
This obviously will take some getting used to, but please give it an earnest try and lets see how it impacts the game.

Please make a separate topic to discuss changes.
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